Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Mystery pulled Op Ed, mystery signed petition no one sees, mysterious mention of Breslauer and Birgeneau in the coverage then not in the coverage...

"Chancellor Nicholas Dirks’ resignation no great mystery"

By Mara Loveman is the campus chair of sociology and Eric Schickler is the campus chair of political science.

"In some of the news coverage of the resignation of Chancellor Nicholas Dirks, including an op-ed mistakenly published in The Daily Californian, it has been suggested that a “self-appointed,” secret group of faculty banded together over the summer to force Dirks to resign. Campus professor Judith Butler has been the most vocal proponent of this view, expressing particular concern — including in aninterview with the Los Angeles Times — that the resignation occurred without the opportunity for a full and open UC Berkeley Academic Senate debate about Dirks’ status."

And also includes:

"The petition requesting a special meeting of the Academic Senate to discuss a “no confidence” resolution, signed by 47 senate faculty across 11 academic divisions, colleges and schools on campus, was officially sent to the Senate chair on the afternoon of Aug. 16, before Dirks’ announcement that he would step down. The only reason the names of the signatories were not published is because after the news of Dirks’ resignation came, we asked to withdraw the petition. The signatories to the petition were consulted, and the majority agreed that it would be both unproductive and unkind to call a Senate meeting to discuss and vote on a “no confidence” resolution in a chancellor who had already announced his resignation. 

We have openly described our participation in the process of coordinating the special meeting petition on a faculty LISTSERV and in direct emails to colleagues. Nonetheless, the speculation that a small cabal of faculty worked secretly over the summer to somehow force the chancellor to resign continues to be raised in the media. By presenting this information about the process we followed in The Daily Californian, we hope to help dispel such rumors for the benefit of the broader campus community."
And includes:
"Editor’s note: The op-ed mentioned in this piece was mistakenly published in the Aug. 22 print edition of The Daily Californian after a miscommunication between its author and an editor. It also was published online and subsequently removed."

They point to a section of  this version of an LATimes article::

However, Judith Butler, a professor of comparative literature, expressed concern that maneuvers like the petition occurred among a small group without open discussion by the full faculty. “The real question is who was this small group working in the summer and do they really represent the faculty?” she asked. “I’m not convinced.”

She declined, however, to give an assessment of Dirks’ effectiveness.

Former Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau called the news of Dirks’ resignation “a sad day for Berkeley."


In case anyone is forgetful... This is the way a section at LAT read when the news of Dirks resignation broke:

Dirks to resign after tumultuous tenure as chancellor
Breaking News
LA Times

"In recent weeks, however, pressure for him to resign escalated in a campaign led by previous Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau and his then-Provost George Breslauer, two UC sources confirmed."
"One cause of the deficit, Dirks said at the time, was the campus’ extensive construction program — much of which took place under Birgeneau, the sources said.

“It really came to a head with a lot of people in leadership positions in the past, especially the old chancellor and his provost and others who were not happy the new administration was pointing out problems about decisions made by them,” one of the sources said.
Birgeneau denied that he pushed for the resignation or was irked by Dirks' budget deficit presentations. He said he has been focused on his undergraduate teaching, research and other campus endeavors.
"Chancellor Dirks never discussed with me the possibility that he might choose to resign," Birgeneau said in an email. "It is a sad day for Berkeley."

Breslauer was not immediately available for comment.


Another op ed in Daily Cal:


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