Monday, August 22, 2016

On Dirks: Which year is counted as the transition year?

Matier and Ross had this:

If University of California President Janet Napolitano is feeling any ill effects from the twin resignations of high-profile university chancellors accused of mismanagement, she didn’t show it when we spoke with her the oth

“We don’t sit around saying, ‘Woe is me,’” Napolitano said of UC Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks’ announcement Tuesday that he was stepping down in the face of mounting faculty opposition to his leadership style

In the meantime, Napolitano said she’s moving to get a new chancellor in place ASAP. That includes forming a search committee and hiring a headhunting firm

“Our goal is to request the regents approve the new chancellor by their March meeting,” she said

Unlike the exit of UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi, which had been brewing for months, Dirks’ resignation after three years on the job caught even his critics off guard, even though there had been a growing drumbeat of faculty unrest, budgetary woes and embarrassing news about Cal’s handling of sexual harassment claims against high-profile professors

There is also a UC investigation involving a Cal personal trainer who provided free services to the chancellor and his wife, plus questions about the building of a $700,000 security fence around the chancellor’s campus residence and contracting with a former Hillary Clinton staffer to spiff up Dirks’ imag

Dirks called Napolitano on Monday, agreeing he would stay on through the academic year while she conducts a search for his replacem

“In the end, it was Nick’s decision” to step down, she sai

Some faculty members who had been pushing for a “no confidence” vote on Dirks are still debating whether to call publicly for him to leave sooner, something Napolitano said is both “unnecessary

“I don’t see any value in playing musical chairs,” the former Arizona governor and federal Homeland Security ch


SFist point

Regardless of the outcome, Dirks, for his part, will likely remain comfortable with his $532,000 salary behind his $700,000 fence while everyone else fights it out.


Daily Cal has this news:

"Despite several major campus leadership position not yet permanently filled, Chancellor Nicholas Dirks announced in a campuswide email Monday that the administration will not begin filling in these positions — those decisions will be left up to

Recall UC paid former president Mark Yudof $546,000 in the year after he resigned | The Sacrame

And, UC Davis' Katehi gets $424,360 'parachute' common for university presidents | The Sacramento Bee

So, which year will be counted as Dirks transition year?


Or 2017-18?

And how can Napolitano talk about "no musical chairs" when she does not have the findings looking into Dirks matters yet? Or, has she already received the report?
Does that review maintain its objectivity if those folks working on it and looking into it also see articles where Napolitano has  made a no musical chairs negotiation with Dirks already?


Finally, there is this op ed from Cal faculty in Daily Cal

Campus must change from top down

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