Sunday, August 21, 2016

There's a campaign- but maybe more than just one

Campaigns to oust might be driven by multiple and conflicting interests and where does athletics figure in?:

Many on UC Berkeley faculty don’t want leader to linger

Remember as you read that- SF Chronicle started the summer with articles on Dirks and Cal Athletics football issues,

Critics question Cal’s probe into football coach’s actions

followed by drum beats(?)   from other columns there about the Chancellor housing renovations, staff issues, travel questions...

And then check out this post:

Chancellor Nicholas Dirks resigns: What it means for Cal athletics

--As you read  some of these articles...
The strangest thing, : some UC  folks seem to think the UCOP initiated  investigation can just be brought to a halt or quietly reported internally,  handled somehow going forward with a Cal interim  leadership--as though UC still has not learned from that type of handling  "looking bad" in recent and older Title IX and Whistleblower cases-- surreal.
It would seem there has to be reporting of the findings just as in Katehi, right?

Food, consulting, tuition and fees merry go round:

UC Davis Battles Hunger On Campus


Campus spends $270,000 to create ‘strategic profile’ for Dirks


Students, activists protest UC Berkeley cancel for nonpayment policy

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