Thursday, August 18, 2016

UC Regents and UCOP are "outside pressures" to UC Chancellors?


Now more "fresh start" happy talk :
UC President Napolitano says chancellor resignations offer fresh start

"Napolitano issued a letter Wednesday to the UC Berkeley Academic Senate chairman outlining the new chancellor search process. The goal is to submit a candidate to the UC Board of Regents by March for Berkeley and by January for Davis."

"Napolitano stressed that the two chancellors’ cases were very different."

And musical chair soft landings for some while:
 At the same time  UC is hiring more contract workers with no benefits, consigning them to "second-class citizenship” status, he said, the UC president has approved “soft landings” for two disgraced chancellors. 

And UC Regent view that:
"UC officials concede Napolitano has been criticized for a perceived heavy-handed style and some political misjudgments in Sacramento.
Lozano, however, said that Napolitano had successfully negotiated with Gov. Jerry Brown and the Legislature for increased money for UC, giving campuses financial stability after years of massive cuts. "

Original earlier:

Is Birgeneau now trying to make nice with Dirks, or? BTW, where's Wilton comments and that capital projects calculator tool etc.?


"But former UC Berkeley chancellor and current physics professor Robert Birgeneau, who himself faced backlash during his tenure, said in an email that the chancellor’s multiple responsibilities — compounded by outside pressure from the UC Board of Regents, the UC president, professors, union leaders and politicians, among others — make the job “impossible.”

“There are too many forces operating on the Chancellor coming from too many directions,” he said in the email. “Further, the Berkeley Chancellor does not have control over enough of the basic variables like student tuition, faculty and staff salaries, the make up of the undergraduate student body.”"

Which one is it?


"In recent weeks, however, pressure for him to resign escalated in a campaign led by previous Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau and his then-Provost George Breslauer, two UC sources confirmed."


"One cause of the deficit, Dirks said at the time, was the campus’ extensive construction program — much of which took place under Birgeneau, the sources said.

“It really came to a head with a lot of people in leadership positions in the past, especially the old chancellor and his provost and others who were not happy the new administration was pointing out problems about decisions made by them,” one of the sources said.

Birgeneau denied that he pushed for the resignation or was irked by Dirks' budget deficit presentations. He said he has been focused on his undergraduate teaching, research and other campus endeavors.

"Chancellor Dirks never discussed with me the possibility that he might choose to resign," Birgeneau said in an email. "It is a sad day for Berkeley."

Breslauer was not immediately available for comment.


Is SF Chronicle writing an Op Ed with a non existent fantasy Chancellor in mind?

Departure of compromised chancellor means fresh start at UC Berkeley


"UC President Janet Napolitano, who oversees the 10-campus system, told The Washington Post on Wednesday that she had discussions with Dirks about his leadership tenure but she did not force him out. “This was a personal decision by the chancellor,” she said."

Campus reactions on Dirks

And on UCD,
Editorial: Time for UC Davis chancellor to go (East Bay Times)

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