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A committee here, a committee there - everywhere a committee- mitty


After scandal, campus officials hope to assuage concerns with sex misconduct arbitration

...These sanctions) were decided effectively in secret,” said Berkeley Faculty Association co-chair Michael Burawoy, who has advocated for greater transparency of and faculty involvement in the disciplinary process for the faculty.
While faculty members note that some level of privacy is both legally guaranteed and logistically important in the disciplinary process, numerous faculty members have argued that the current policy lacks meaningful faculty input and transparency.
Campus officials hope to address these concerns by announcing a new committee, which they said will review cases of sexual assault and sexual harassment and advise the chancellor on the administration’s proposed sanctions for cases involving campus faculty members and staff who are not members of UC Berkeley’s senior leadership....


Several faculty members expressed concerns about how money is being allocated to various departments and about the lack of funding for academics in proportion to athletics.
In response to complaints about high spending by the Intercollegiate Athletics, Dirks announced the commission of a new task force, co-chaired by Powell, to assess the athletic department’s financial situation and make recommendations by January 2017.
Professor of public policy Michael O’Hare questioned the honesty of the IA, saying that, according to his calculations, its deficit should be about $30 million rather than the $20 million it claimed. Rosemarie Rae, the campus’s chief financial officer, acknowledged that the $20 million did not factor in annual maintenance costs.
“It’s been an abstract promise that things will be better with athletics,” O’Hare said. “I reserve judgment. I’ve been disappointed on that score, on the idea that athletics is going to be held to reasonably responsible financial management.”
Bob Jacobsen, dean of undergraduate studies at UC Berkeley, commended the thoroughness of Christ’s presentation but noted that the forum highlighted the need for faculty members and administration to “engage in more depth.”
Dirks said the senate would need more time to address the questions raised.
“Was this adequate enough? No,” Dirks said. “What we need is a town hall meeting now...

According to UC Berkeley spokesperson Dan Mogulof, the Academic Senate requested resubmission of the original syllabus, the revised syllabus and an assessment of the course by Huhndorf for its review and approval. At their meeting Monday, chair of the Academic Senate Robert Powell stated that the divisional council had met on the issue that afternoon.

“The divisional council is deeply concerned about the suspension of the DeCal class and the lack of shared governance and the lack of consultation and aggregation of student governance,” Powell said during the meeting. “A more detailed statement will be forthcoming.”

As of press time, Powell could not be contacted and no such statement had been released.


The track record has not been great, but the same ol' same ol' gets rolled out again:


Advisory committee named for UC Berkeley chancellor search
University of California Office of the PresidentMonday, September 19, 2016

University of California President Janet Napolitano today (Sept. 19) announced the university faculty, staff, students, alumni and foundation representatives who will serve on the advisory committee to help in the international search for a new chancellor to lead UC Berkeley. Board of Regents Chair Monica Lozano also appointed five regents as members.

Chancellor Nicholas B. Dirks plans to remain in the post until a permanent chancellor is appointed.

The members of the search advisory committee for the UC Berkeley chancellor include:
UC President Janet Napolitano

UC Board of Regents Chair Monica Lozano

UC Regents Richard C. Blum, Russell Gould, Sherry L. Lansing, John A. Pérez, Cynthia So Schroeder

Jim Chalfant, chair of the systemwide Academic Senate

Tsu-Jae King Liu, professor, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, and vice provost for Academic and Space Planning

Barbara Spackman, professor of Italian and comparative literature and department chair of Italian Studies

Robert Tijan, professor of biochemistry, biophysics and structural biology and former president of Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Alan Terricciano, acting dean of the UC Irvine Claire Trevor School of the Arts, professor of dance, former chair of the Department of Music and former chair of the Department of Dance

William Morrow, undergraduate student and president of Associated Students of the University of California

Iman Sylvain, graduate student, external affairs vice president of the Graduate Assembly and university affairs chair of the UC Student Association

Jason Morimoto, alumnus and president of the Cal Alumni Association

Kathleen Valerio, training coordinator at UC Berkeley and Governing Council member of the Berkeley Staff Assembly

Richard L. Greene, chair of the UC Berkeley Foundation, chair of the Berkeley Foundation Special Gift Audit Committee and director of the Fromm Institute for Lifelong Learning

The committee's first meeting will be held October 6, when members and invited guests will gather in a closed session. The forum will include remarks by President Napolitano, followed by separate sessions with various campus constituency groups. The president and committee members will also participate in a luncheon with alumni, donors and community leaders.

The advisory committee will be involved in recruiting, screening and conducting interviews with candidates for the position. The committee's work will be scheduled so that candidates can be presented to President Napolitano for consideration and a recommended nominee submitted to the Board of Regents, tentatively by spring of 2017.

In addition to presentations by those constituency representatives who will meet with the committee, public comments are encouraged throughout the search process. Comments may be submitted via email toberkeleychancellor@imsearch.com.

The executive recruitment firm Isaacson, Miller will assist in the search.

• More information about the search:http://chancellor.berkeley.edu/chancellor-search-2016

• Regents' policy on the appointment of chancellors:http://regents.universityofcalifornia.edu/governance/policies/7102.html

• More news and information about the University of California:www.universityofcalifornia.edu

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