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A Little More Talk, lot less action...

"He pointed to the “robust freedom” that all enjoy at American universities in the “expression of ideas, whether in private or public speech, or in the context of educational or research activities.” Hexter also made a point to laud academic freedom.

Maybe because of his background as a classics professor, Hexter looked back quite a ways to illustrate how modern universities became spaces for open teaching and discussion. Taking the long view, Hexter explained how debate in medieval Europe institutions “subject to the authority of the Catholic Church” was limited by certain boundaries.

As he moved forward in time, Hexter connected to the modern university, praising early scholars for developing “rules of engagement that made dialogue more manageable” and that are still used today.

He encouraged those in attendance to “remember that most people sincerely believe in the ideas they argue and see themselves on the side of the right and the good” noting, “It’s worth learning exactly why they believe what they believe, whether or not we ultimately end up agreeing or disagreeing with them.”

Keynote speaker Tani Cantil-Sakauye, who received both her undergraduate and law degrees from UCD, picked up this theme.

As an attorney, then judge and now chief justice of the California Supreme Court, Cantil-Sakauye said she “chose a career in conflict,” even though when she arrived at UCD, she said, she often just stared at her shoes.

“When I left (UCD), I could look people in the eye,” Cantil-Sakauye said, grateful for the experiences she had here."


"theme is being used as a yearlong initiative to foster skills development and facilitated discussions at workshops and forums on campus. On Tuesday afternoon, two events led by Carolyn Penny, a mediator with 30 years of experience, took place at the new International Center. Future events sponsored by the Office of Campus Dialogue and Deliberation can be found at"

--Perhaps a morphing of the peppa talks?


There's also

"U.S. Senate candidate Kamala Harris on Tuesday said students from families earning less than $140,000 a year should be able to attend community colleges and public universities for free.

The free-tuition proposal highlighted the higher education platform Harris announced during a roundtable discussion with students at Los Angeles Trade Technical College on Tuesday.

“We have got to create a college system and a community college system that is affordable to the average student,” said Harris, California’s attorney general.

Harris touted other college-affordability proposals she supports, including one to increase the amount of Pell grants available and another that would allow students to refinance student debt at lower interest rates. Her rival in the Senate race, Orange County Rep. Loretta Sanchez, supports those two measures as well.

Harris also called for the continued crackdown on “predatory” for-profit colleges, and to allow immigrants who entered the country illegally to be eligible for federal grants and in-state tuition rates.

During the meeting, Harris did not provide details about how the federal government would fund the free-tuition program.

"It’s not about cost; it’s about investment. It’s about investing in our young people,” Harris said Tuesday.

According to the Harris campaign, the money to pay for the free-tuition program could be raised by closing tax loopholes used by corporations, ending subsidies to oil companies and reducing the nation’s production of nuclear weapons."


Also Sac Bee on the same topic:

"Her plan calls for prohibiting for-profit colleges from purchasing accreditation. Harris would push for a federal Student Loan Borrowers’ Bill of Rights, including loan counseling for students before they take on debt, and banning unfair student contracts. Harris also wants to open eligibility to tens of thousands of unauthorized high school graduates for tuition and federal financial aid like Pell Grants and low-interest loans.

In June, Sanchez issued her five-point higher education plan that includes lowering community college fees to $5 per unit from $46 and offering 4-year degree programs on the campuses, as well as year-round Pell Grants. Sanchez wants to expand college access to members of the armed services and create opportunities for refinancing debt that mirror home and car loan refinancing."

Read more here:


Talk of debate at UCLA that never happened or might happen?:

Some at UCLA were led to believe high hopes it would happen:

More coverage of it here:

"U.S. Senate candidate Loretta Sanchez wants to have four debates — seeking to double the two proposed by her rival in the November election, Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris.

The two campaigns traded barbs in early August after the Harris campaign announced she would participate in two forums,including one in Sacramento that Sanchez later rejected. At the time, Sanchez political consultant Bill Carrick criticized the Harris campaign in early August for “arrogantly announcing” her terms.

The Democratic congresswoman from Orange, the underdog in the race, demanded more in her counterproposal. She also made clear she was declining to participate in the Sacramento debate. Carrick said one of the Senate primary debates was held in Stockton, the same media market as Sacramento.

Here are the debates Sanchez is proposing:

Oct. 5, sponsored by the Pat Brown Institute for Public Affairs at Cal State Los Angeles, KABC TV in Los Angeles and ABC affiliate stations in the state.

Oct. 14, sponsored by UCLA and NBC affiliate stations.

A debate sponsored by KCBS/KCAL TV in Los Angeles and CBS affiliate stations in the state. The date has yet to be determined.

Nov. 3, sponsored by KPCC-FM in Los Angeles and public radio stations in California.

Harris had agreed to the Oct. 5 debate and one on Sept. 20 in Sacramento, with her political consultant Sean Clegg saying her campaign evaluated approximately 10 invitations and accepted two with high quality sponsors and access to large audiences. They wanted one debate to be in Northern California and one in Southern California."

Sanchez was in Palo Alto on Title IX rights a few weeks ago

Harris wrote an MOU with Napolitano on it last year

UCSF covered that MOU : here, too


A flip on an Elvis song lyric

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