Wednesday, September 7, 2016

"But he’s backed by his credentials and status … He’s a scholar who gets to return to work and a sense of normalcy.”


Includes:"Choudhry subsequently stepped down as dean but remained on the faculty.Records revealed that the university frequently allowed professors to keep their jobs after substantiating harassment claims, while lower-level staff were removed for similar offenses. The scandals at Berkeley, which is regarded as one of the top public universities in the US, echo recent high-profile cases at Yale University,Columbia University and other renowned colleges."


"Sorrell, whose lawsuit is ongoing, said she screamed when she read the piece and argued that his aggressive attempts to disparage her along with his return to campus could lead other victims to discount themselves.

“You already know nine times out of 10, you’re going to be doubted,” she said.

Levy argued that Choudhry could at least work off-campus. “He is taking his life back and the university is letting him as if little or nothing happened.”

Students staged a campus rally on Wednesday to decry Choudhry’s return."


"Last year, a campus investigation concluded that Aptekar sexually harassed a graduate student in class, using class discussions on relationships to “probe for more information than (could) possibly be related to an academic program” — and using that information to “push for more personal relationships.”

A 2014 complaint against Aptekar, filed on behalf of two other students by an associate dean, David Bruck, did not appear to be taken into account in the subsequent case. Documents show it was not even acknowledged by some top campus officials. Interviewed by campus investigators about Aptekar last year, the College of Education’s dean, Elaine Chin, asserted that no one had previously complained, formally or informally, about the professor."



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