Monday, September 12, 2016

Chalk It Up to...

EECS funnels in additional $250,000 to shorten waitlists
the department went to private donors and raised an additional $250,000 as of Aug. 29

In 2016
Some UC majors see balance shift toward out-of-state students | The Sacramento Bee

"Over the past five years, the number of out-of-state and international students in UC Berkeley’s engineering majors surged by 79 percent, while California enrollment fell by 13 percent.

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In 2014 there was lots of $$$$$ for UC to travel and do this:
University of California steps up out-of-state recruiting | The Sacramento Bee

"Nonresident fees generated an estimated $400 million from undergraduates across the UC system last year alone. Berkeley and UCLA, with more than 5,000 nonresident undergraduates each, were the top beneficiaries. Both brought in more than $100 million, a significant boost to their multibillion-dollar budgets.

Their out-of-state recruitment costs for fall 2014 were relatively small by comparison: an estimated $260,000 at Berkeley"


Didn't EECS Academic leadership give Cal OpEx , strategic initiatives and grad student funding formula recent failed efforts?

Now the same Dept takes up issues on Academic space planning?:


Campus student goes without treatment after difficulty navigating university health insurance

--UC Regents said they fixed issues and streamlined the student health centers services, so:

"said he was never given the information he needed to navigate after-hour health emergencies with a university health insurance plan. Like Gutierrez, more than 22,000 UC Berkeley students have Student Health Insurance Plan coverage."


"Ahead of the 17 state measures on the ballot for the November elections, the board will also share ideas on the potential impact of several initiatives on the UC system, including measures on a potential cigarette tax and the legalization of marijuana.

In the past 30 years, the board has publicly announced a formal position on only nine non-bond-related ballot measures."


Concerned over chalk...

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