Tuesday, September 27, 2016

"Dirks tells THE summit that free tuition would enable government to 'control' public research universities "

See UC Berkeley on the way out Chancellor prognosticated on HRC's Higher Ed plans:


“I would love to see the Clinton administration come and make college free for students coming from families earning less than $125,000. But I don’t think it’s going to happen,” Professor Dirks said.
He said this was because “if such a thing came to be there would be a real concerted effort to control parts of some of the great research institutions that are public in ways that might compromise their capacity to compete at the highest level”.
Speaking to THE after the session he said a federal programme to support students in paying fees "is possible" but it would be a "complicated political process" given that state governments are in charge of universities. 
He added that it is "inevitable" that state or federal governments would "worry about the cost" of increasing resources for low-income students, which might result in them "controlling" funds for research or faculty. 
During the panel discussion, Professor Dirks added that the amount the US spends on prisons is disproportionate compared to the amount it spends on universities and public institutions must acknowledge that funding will be “increasingly differentiated” and “ad-hoc”.


But Professor Dirks said that although the US can learn from Germany and China, as higher education becomes less selective, “public support goes down too”.

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