Thursday, September 15, 2016

"It's in the board books, it's on the video"

That was said repeatedly by the UC Regents chairs when they were tasked with providiing a detailed report of what happened during their committee meeting to the full board of regents this morning, instead of providing a detailed objective account to fellow regents many of them editorialized, praised the new structure of committee governance and then referenced the other regents to check the  board book (which is not public document) and the video to find out what happened in concurrently held committee meetings some cases committee chairs who held their committee meeting for four hour plus duration thought it would be acceptable to give a four minute synopsis and then rush to end any regents' questions asked...

There was virtually no push back by the other non chair regents
Only when finance and investment murky detail was given did some regents raise their concerns
And then the chair of the regents attempted to assuage concerns, as oh yes this is all part of the plan...
Still thinking about Napolitano 's less than flattering remark about US News and World Report college rankings in opening comments yesterday morning

And still thinking about Compliance and Audit committee comments about CA's  JLAC during their meeting yesterday and the comments made about the  CA state auditors powers in their committee chair comments to the full board today

And also thinking about Regent Makarechian 's being upset by and  push back comments to the board this morning in response  to this section of this story:

"Last year, the governor expressed broader reservations about the system’s debt levels.“Borrowing has limits because then you have more fixed commitments and your revenue is not so fixed,” Brown said at a regents meeting last year. “I know rich people have lots of debts, that they borrowed a lot and made a lot, but that’s how a lot of people go bankrupt, too.” see

You can view these events  as they transpired at:

And some thinking about a section of this:

In relation to this at UCLA

And this at UC Berkeley GSPP

Whatever happened with all that, where does it stand now?

On the live video:

Currently the uc regents are hearing a presentation from CA Secretary of state Padilla on voting and coordinating efforts with UC...

And a recap of the second day of UC Regents meeting

And Daily Cal:

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