Thursday, September 29, 2016

Outliers- It happens like this all the time,

That UC Berkeley THE Higher Ed conference brings up:
"Teaching students facts 'no longer critical' in internet age
LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman tells THE summit that universities should focus on teaching undergraduates how to discern truth

Talking in conversation with Nicholas Dirks, Berkeley's chancellor, Mr Hoffman said that graduates of the past would have had to rely heavily on information that they learned at university.

"That doesn't matter as much anymore; what really matters is the ability to find it quickly on your mobile phone," he said. "Being able to resolve truth is what matters much more than 'oh I know I've read that book, I can't get to it right now'.

"That's still useful but it's no longer critical."

Mr Hoffman said that universities' other key role was to place students within networks that would allow them to develop skills and access opportunities over the course of their lives.

The "old industrial model" of learning skills at university and using them for the rest of your career was radically outdated, he argued.

“Classic pieces of advice like ‘what colour is your parachute’, ‘study your passions’, that is radically insufficient now,” Mr Hoffman said. “Now it’s where are you connecting into networks, are those networks the kinds of things that you will find rewarding, that will lead you on a career trajectory.”

During the discussion, Mr Hoffman outlined his hope that LinkedIn would be able to analyse the career and life outcomes of graduates with particular educational backgrounds, to help prospective students understand which learning path was best for them.

But this approach was criticised by Sir Leszek Borysiewicz, the vice-chancellor of the University of Cambridge, who said such a “predictive environment” might fail to identify and support the “outliers” who would have the ideas which were capable of fundamentally changing society."


Seem to recall a reference to R. Hoffman and the practice of reading books etc in

this discussion on 'growing anti-intellectualusm', (highlighted in a tweet at Remaking the U blog) a panelist in that discussion said somethin' about how Hoffman is known for a quote that goes something like 'we wanna make it so you never have to be alone, lonely anymore' then the panelists riff on that awhile and then mention Zuckerberg FB as well, see at the 32:50 time mark of the audio clip for that particular section of a talk described like this:
"America's Growing Anti-Intellectualism
authors and professors say there is a growing anti-intellectualism and dumbing down of America, and it's on full display in younger generations who refuse to read actual books and whose media diet consists of digital "crap" from their social media feeds.

- Funny, there's that 'just published' UC research on that subject in Nature:

Making the round


And then this pops up (in the twitter feed here as well)

"Music Confounds the Machines" by T Bone Burnett
"Art is not a market to be conquered or to bow before.

Art is a holy pursuit.

Beneath the subatomic particle level, there are fibers that vibrate at different intensities. Different frequencies. Like violin strings. The physicists say that the particles we are able to see are the notes of the strings vibrating beneath them. If string theory is correct, then music is not only the way our brains work, as the neuroscientists have shown, but also, it is what we are made of, what everything is made of. These are the stakes musicians are playing for.

I want to recommend a book to you — The Technological Society by Jacques Ellul.

John Wilkinson, the translator, in his 1964 introduction, describes the book this way — “The Technological Society is a description of the way in which an autonomous technology is in the process of taking over the traditional values of every society without exception, subverting and surpassing those values to produce at last a monolithic world culture in which all technological difference and variety is mere appearance.” This is the core of the dead serious challenge we face.
The first nuclear weapon was detonated on the morning of July 16, 1945, at 5:29 and 45 seconds.

At that moment, technocrats took control of our culture.

Trinity was the code name of that explosion. It was an unholy trinity.

Technology does only one thing- it tends toward efficiency. It has no aesthetics. It has no ethics. It’s code is binary.

But everything interesting in life- everything that makes life worth living- happens between the binary. Mercy is not binary. Love is not binary. Music and art are not binary. You and I are not binary."

-Read the full thing..

Then see Daily Cal on quite a life:


A reminder that recently

-Dirks tweeted this:"The need to teach both music theory and string theory is a necessity for the U.S. economy" and points to this article

But at Cal it's been feelin' somethin' like

a hollow crown...scandal of near $150 million budget deficit ruins...


The President of the UC Regents signed it - he did not veto it- there is UC Constitutional autonomy so, not following it so dunno it's impact on UC?? Not much coverage to explain it...happened around the same time those DeCal class cancellation and reinstated stories were rolling out..

Also not much coverage on Napolitano was honored in NY recently

'Not a political statement', to extend one's self to a feeling of compassion:
"I know that these people are just like you and me. All they want is to live in peace and have their children grow up loved, fed and educated.”

He's worked with T Bone...

And if you feel that you...
And your will is...
Just believe
And you will find...

In the light.

Fiat Lux or maybe sometimes it is meant to be a question
-Fiat Lux?

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