Thursday, September 8, 2016

Overt and other types?


"Residence at HNU and Mills College is considered on-campus housing and, therefore, is similar in cost to traditional on-campus accommodations, such as the units. Additionally, students who elected to enroll in the program are grouped together on the same floor, where they live with both a UC Berkeley liaison, as well as a local campus residential adviser.

“We (worked with UC Berkeley officials to) select a hall that was integrated with the rest of Mills,” said Linda Zitzner, associate vice president of operations at Mills College. “UC Berkeley students use the same community laundry and meeting rooms as Mills students, they can go into the libraries and the athletic facilities — they have access to all Mills amenities. I can’t differentiate them from Mills students."



"Bowles Hall Residential College will greet 183 new undergraduates — half of them women. Until they graduate, they’ll share the iconic hall on Stadium Rim Way with three Berkeley academics, an archaeologist who is a Bowles Hall alumnus and five graduate students."

"While doing research in the United Kingdom, Roberson says she was impressed by Oxford University’s centuries-old residential college system. Bowles was modeled after residential colleges planned for Harvard and Yale, which were influenced by those at Oxford and Cambridge. In these decentralized live-learn communities,

faculty, graduate students and alumni are major influences on student life.




Students move into Garden Village apartments amid ongoing construction

The complex contains two and four bedroom apartments, with single-bedroom occupancy. Single occupancy in a two-bedroom apartment costs $1,650 per month and single occupancy in a four-bedroom apartment costs $1,550 per month.


UC Berkeley estimates housing costs for students living off-campus to be $7,546 for the school year. A 2015 study by the real estate website Trulia estimated the true cost to be $12,375, assuming two students shared a two-bedroom apartment.


At CSU system:

"California State University, Los Angeles introduced housing which some said

allowed the segregation...



"We live on a campus that values its reputation over its students and their well-being,”


"Choudhry’s sexual misconduct case is only one of several that Berkeley has faced in recent years.

Choudhry’s lawyer, Bill Taylor, said he had sincerely apologized and suggested that it made little sense to continue focusing on Choudhry “unless, of course, the university wants to use him as a scapegoat for not having handled some of these other incidents more effectively.”

“There is a big difference between being a sexual predator and being someone who touches a colleague — or even hugs a colleague — out of affection. This is in the latter category and has never been said to anybody to be otherwise,” he said.

Unsurprisingly, demonstrators did not agree, and some clarified the target of their protests.

“We were not protesting the op-ed,” said Kachen. “We are protesting the institution that allowed a known sexual predator back on this campus"

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