Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Reconstituted UC Regents committee strangeness.

Daily Cal takes a shot at recapping some of it:

So does Daily Bruin:

Napolitano handing out honorable mentions to fav CA  State legislators as part of today's UC Regents Meeting at UCLA

Kind of creepy optics all over ... Maybe  a later viewing will seem less so, but some strange moments in some limited viewing...

Regent Lansing saying after many years as UC Regent , that she heard from a friend that semester or quarter systems at CA  community colleges cause difficulties with transferring in to UC, acceptance rates-on transfer students - so 'what kind of system are the community colleges in semester or quarter?' she asked-- as though transfer students and CCC system were some rare, exotic, complicated, extraterrestrials the UC Regents have never encountered-and they can never make it to a local community college where they live to try to find out cuz maybe there aren't any near where they live  or somethin'- Regent Ortiz Oakley debunked the 'my friend says the problem is'  Lansing tried to advance as a legit question - then a few minutes later Lansing said she wants a new subcommittee for this new committee to study the issue...

We should not be at the debunking UC statements on transfers stage at this point...
The debunking of the 'CSU is a teaching-centric system' and 'UC is a research-centric system' and what that really means already has left behind a long trail of chilling effects on transfers students- all  that needed debunking, but UC Regents should not pile on to the false narratives to be debunked as well, especially not at this point...

Btw, UCOP put out this on transfer students:

then Regent Reiss closed out the education committee q and a by  asking if they,
the former education pol committee now Academic and Student Affairs Committee,
still have oversight over sex harrassment policies at UC, as though the committee on compliance and audit, which now  includes review of  UC general counsel actions and caseload, would not be the first and most important body to have  oversight or at least shared oversight of such matters

You can watch it on youtube
Academic and Student Affairs Committee, National Laboratories Subcommittee
Island chairs,

Chancellors Block and Wilcox on this Committee
Chancellor Dirks represented UC Berkeley at this comittee meeting also-- UC Berkeley strategically being marginaluzed by SoCal centric UC Regents?


Then there's

Finance and Capital Strategies appears to be chaired by Regent Makarechian


Compliance and Audit Committee
Zettle continues to chair, alumni regent Brody serves as vice chair
Chancellor Gilman on this Committee


Public Engagement & Development Committee
Kieffer chairs, Lansing vice chair
Chancellors Leland and Hexter on this Committee


Governance and compensation blended into one committee
Reiss chairs, no chancellors or academics mentioned  on this committee

You can find the above videos and tomorrow's uc regents videos at this link::

We point out to you that Gov Brown's recent appointed Regents don't seem to be playing lead roles on the committees so far, Governor still has two UC Regents vacancies to fill at this time  and in March 2017 an additional two more UC Regents slots will open up for a total of four full appointed twelve year term slots - how will this new committee structure play out in light of the uc regents vacancies to be filled?

The UC Regents posted this on their committee assignments existential crisis

Standing Committees

Committee memberships of the Regents six Standing Committees and two Subcommittees will be posted on September 14 after the Board adopts the recommendations of the Governance Committee

"File not found

Sorry, the page you requested was not found. We have recently redesigned the Board of Regents website, so the file may have been moved. Please use navigation or search to find what you need."
That's the message left here:

On UC Regents Committees
There's no there, there...

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