Friday, September 30, 2016

" a THE article alleged Dirks said he does not think Clinton’s college plan is “going to happen” and that it might “control” parts of public research universities. In fact, Dirks said he did not say the proposition would affect academic independence, in an interview with The Daily Californian."

See: "Dirks supports Clinton’s debt-free college plan despite its financial challenges"

- Dirks starts off the week hosting that conference with THE, then says THE coverage  of their own event isn't accurate?!
 Why didn't  Cal , a public university, insist on and provide accessible  video coverage of this campus event?- so folks could hear it with their own ears?

That kind of communication gets this faculty reception:

"Berkeley head @nickdirks working to insure faculty won't support free college, rather than making it work w states"

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