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UC : “She is not doing this in her capacity as UC president,” said UC spokeswoman Dianne Klein. “But it certainly should be no surprise that she is supporting Hillary. She has worked extensively with her and seen her up close — and certainly she (Clinton) is the right person to be the next president".

That was a statement from a UC spokesperson from UCOP an item in  this article:

"Janet Napolitano is scheduled to be the star attraction at an upcoming fundraiser for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton — the first time in anyone’s memory that a sitting University of California president has campaigned for a White House candidate.

The Sept. 20 event in Silicon Valley, hosted by a group called Entrepreneurs for Hillary, is being billed in an online invitation as a conversation with the “former secretary of homeland security and former governor of Arizona.” The invite makes no reference to Napolitano’s current job as the head of the taxpayer-funded UC system.

Tickets range from $500 to $10,000 a head, with proceeds going to the Clinton Victory Fund.

“She is not doing this in her capacity as UC president,” said UC spokeswoman Dianne Klein. “But it certainly should be no surprise that she is supporting Hillary. She has worked extensively with her and seen her up close — and certainly she (Clinton) is the right person to be the next president.

“What would be surprising is if she supported Donald Trump,” Klein said.

Legal guidelines issued by UC’s office of general counsel say the university “may not endorse or contribute to candidates for elective office.” It also says UC officials “should use care to avoid confusion between private and public roles.”

Napolitano spent four years as homeland security secretary under President Obama. If she’s angling for a return to Washington in a Clinton administration, she gave little hint of it during a recent appearance on KQED-FM’s “Forum,” telling host Michael Krasny, “That’s a compliment, but I will be a senior this year — my fourth year at UC — and that’s what I’m interested in doing.”

It’s worth noting that during her time in Arizona, Napolitano was among the first governors to support Obama in 2008 when he was running for the Democratic nomination against Clinton. Political insiders say that neither Hillary nor Bill Clinton, both of whom had campaigned hard to elect Napolitano in Arizona, has forgotten about that.

Still, on Friday, Napolitano was among a bipartisan group of onetime national security officials — including former CIA director David Petraeus and ex-George W. Bush homeland security chief Michael Chertoff — who took part in a policy meeting with Clinton that was held in New York. Napolitano, we’re told, participated by video conference from Oakland.

Harmeet Dhillon, a member of the Republican National Committee from California, didn’t have a problem with Napolitano siding with Clinton. But she also pointed to a couple of recent incidents at UC campuses — last week at Berkeley, where students tore up a Trump cutout that a Republican group had set up in Sproul Plaza, and at Irvine in June, when administrators initially tried to bar from campus a GOP student group that had invited the editor of the conservative website Breitbart.

“More power to her” for taking advantage of her free speech rights, Dhillon said. “But is it a good idea when the institution she heads is frequently accused of infringing on the free speech rights of conservative students?”"

That story is particularly interesting in light of the fact that the UC Regents voted in July to create a new committee--

Date: September 14, 2016
Time: 1:00 p.m.1
Location: Luskin Conference Center, Centennial Hall, Salons A & B, Los Angeles
Agenda – Open Session
P1 Discussion Overview of Committee Responsibilities and Review of Committee

P2 Discussion History and Overview of Philanthropy at the University of California

P3 Action Endorsement of Comprehensive Campaign, Riverside Campus

P4 Discussion Philanthropy at UCLA – Centennial Campaign Update, Los Angeles

P5 Discussion Overview of Governmental Relations

P6 Discussion 2016 Ballot Propositions Overview

"UC Board of Regents and Voter Initiatives
Despite the widespread use of ballot initiatives in California, the Board of Regents has taken
positions on initiative measures in "

-see immediate last post for more links on changes to UC Regents committee structure and governance and for more on the other UC Regents agenda items upcoming for this week's UC Regents Meeting at UCLA.

This Sac Bee  op ed bemoans lack of campus leadership positions held by women

..."Currently, Chancellor Dorothy Leland holds the top post at UC Merced, while nine UC campuses are led by men, of whom seven are white (as is Leland), one is Asian-American, and another is Indian-American.
Of the 10 leaders who hold the second most powerful positions on UC campuses, only two women (both white) serve as an executive vice chancellor and provost. Of the eight men who hold the No. 2 position, only one is a person of color.
Why are these numbers important? According to a report from the American Council on Education, the chief academic officer was the “most frequently cited immediate prior position” for campus leaders sitting in the corner office in 2011.
To be sure, there has been progress at UC. Janet Napolitano is the first woman president of the statewide system, and"...

Read more here:
-but there is not much talk about the failure of UC Regents to routinely hold their regents meetings at each of the UC campuses on rotation. Currently they hold almost all their meetings at UCSF and occasionally UCLA or Irvine on rare occasions....that is a conversation that needs to occur.


That SF Chronicle article also makes mention of this outlet , which happens to also have this detailed article on UC, specifically UCSF on IT staff  and 'Obamacare', - and has implications for all other UC campuses:

-Pointed to it along with other coverage from other outlets of it a few posts back...

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