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UCSD effects on UCSF?, UC Regents Conflict of commitment policy changes, more.

Update: A $50 million contract in the University of California system opens the door for campuses to move IT services overseas. Will others follow in UCSF’s footsteps and cut jobs?

, “Candidly, I am not aware of any major university in the country which has successfully implemented such a substantive IT outsourcing initiative” as the one at UCSF.


"The layoffs affect UCSF’s IT office broadly, covering staff members responsible for application support and development, email and phone systems, and data center and network center operations and more, according to an email from university CIO Joseph R. Bengfort. Excluding contract and vacant positions, 49 career employees will lose their jobs.
In interviews with Inside Higher Ed, staff members said they are coping with the decision with a combination of frustration and resignation. Some said they are searching for IT jobs at other campuses in the system. Others said they are considering leaving the industry altogether. They asked that their names not be published as they still have five months of employment left."

New article on:
"University of California’s ties with HCL are complicated
UC San Diego says its chancellor, who is on the board of directors of an HCL unit, was not involved in UC San Francisco’s vendor negotiations"


"But this contract may have implications for the San Diego campus.

The University of California's San Diego and San Francisco campuses are separate in the sense that they have their own chief executives and IT leadership. But the IT services contract with HCL negotiated by UCSF can be used at any of the 10 campuses in the 190,000-employee University of California system, said UCSF CIO Joe Bengfort, in a recent interview.

The affected IT employees in San Francisco, who have spoken to Computerworld on the condition of anonymity, believe that the shifting of their jobs to India may be the start of a system-wide effort to move these public, partially taxpayer-supported jobs, overseas. They have reason to believe this is true.

The HCL contract was discussed in August by the university's system-wide Architecture Committee, according to notes from the meeting. Attending were representatives of nearly 20 UC institutions, including from the university's San Diego campus.

The "HCL agreement is UC-wide," according to the committee's meeting notes, which also report: "Other CIOs looking at UCSF experience before other folks dip in. Wait for a year before jumping in with HCL."

Another link that the UC San Diego campus has with the San Francisco campus is the expanded use of the Supercomputer Center as a back-up facility for data.

Membership on a corporate board among top University of California officials is common, and it has posed issues for the university. It recently revised its conflict-of-interest rules, changing them in a way that gives the university broader latitude in determining the definition of a conflict"...

Includes background links on the issues and a UPTE petition:
And: events at UCLA around it


The Enterprise asked a selection of campus and community thought leaders about what they hope to see in the university’s next chief administrator:

-in depth comments in that article from a broad cross section.


Berkeley students are wondering why the Cal student regent designate was left out of the Committee UC Regents formed :

At the meeting External Affairs Vice President André Luu submitted another bill in support of the inclusion of an additional student representative on the advisory committee to the UC President that will engage in future searches for the new chancellor. Presently, the committeehas two student members — ASUC President Will Morrow and Graduate Assembly President Iman Sylvain.
“The purpose of the bill is to increase pressure on the UC Board of Regents so they include this additional student, either a student regent or student regent designate, on the decision making process,” Luu said.
If the bill passes through committee meetings Monday, the senate will vote on it at their Sept. 

---Some of the current UC Regents picked for that committee include Regents who dropped out of Cal, and reappointed Regents who  picked the very same chancellors that now UC has to pay for a search to replace after very serious problems  etc.


At Davis there are questions about why some UC Regents with significant Southern CA interests are on the Committee for a Davis Chancellor search:
"There is decent UC Davis representation on the committee from several faculty members, the president of the Cal Aggie Alumni Association, a Ph.D. candidate in the School of Education and several others known to wear “Go Ags” buttons.
But, predictably, there are also a number of folks not related to our beloved campus, including Regents Bonnie Reiss, George Kieffer, Charlene Zettel, Anthony Rendon and Harvey Brody.
A quick poll of 1,113 people stopped randomly on the main Quad at UCD revealed not a one who had heard of any of the regents in question. Not that fame is a criterion for service."


Reminder:September 27 - Special Meeting (closed session)

September 23, 2016
Because the membership of the Committee to Advise the President on the Selection of a Chancellor
of the Davis campus includes five members of the Regents’ Academic and Student Affairs
Committee and Public Engagement and Development Committee, there exists the potential for
having present a quorum of a Regents’ Committee when the advisory committee meets.
Although no business of the committees will be considered by the advisory committee, this notice
of meeting is served in order to comply fully with pertinent open meeting laws.
On Tuesday, September 27, 2016, there will be a Closed Session, Special Joint Meeting of the
Academic and Student Affairs Committee and Public Engagement and Development Committee
concurrent with the Committee to Advise the President on the Selection of a Chancellor of the
Davis campus. The purpose of the meeting is to consider matters related to the appointment and
employment of a new Chancellor [Personnel matters, Education Code section 92032(b)(7)].
The meeting will convene at 8:30 a.m. in the Pavilion on the Davis campus and adjourn at
approximately 4:30 p.m.
Anne L. Shaw
(Advisory Committee members: Regents Brody, Kieffer, Reiss, Rendon, and Zettel; ex officio

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