Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Cal "trustees, donors,Deans" group and that statement from a former VC...

A 'trustees,donors, and Deans'  group get to know but--Everyone else is supposed to be left in the dark?
"statement — sent to campus trustees, donors and deans, and obtained by The Daily Californian —"

See Daily Cal
Campus leadership prompted vice chancellor Bob Lalanne’s resignation


"Lalanne, who spent more than 25 years as a Bay Area real estate developer, said in the 2013 announcement of his appointment that he planned to donate his salary back to the campus.

The position, now eliminated, will have its portfolio managed by multiple administrators, according to a memo from Vice Chancellor Scott Biddy.

Biddy, who currently manages the portfolio of the vacant vice chancellorship for administration and finance, will oversee some of the staff who reported to Lalanne. The Environmental Health and Safety Office will report to the vice chancellor for research, while the Office of Emergency Management will be removed from the Environmental Health and Safety portfolio and report to UCPD Chief Margo Bennett.

Lalanne is the ninth high-level administrator to resign — or announce the intent to resign or retire — in the past year. The list includes Dirks, former provost and executive vice chancellor Claude Steele and former vice chancellor for administration and finance John Wilton. Previously unreported, former associate vice chancellor for communications and public affairs Claire Holmes left the school in September.

The administrative tumult was cited by Lalanne as one of the contributing causes of his resignation.

“In recent months, the leadership transitions and uncertainties on campus have created a difficult environment to continue achieving outcomes,” Lalanne’s statement said.

While some positions have been permanently filled, others have had only interim appointments or had their portfolio taken on by other administrators. Because Dirks will let his successor appoint a new executive vice chancellor and provost, UC Berkeley will experience complete turnover in its two highest positions when Dirks leaves office."

Is anyone updating org charts or providing the full list of senior admin exits or does it all stay murky til Dirks is out??

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