Monday, October 3, 2016

Capitalizing on Cal's 'Interim Lame Duck Leadership? -Some of these plans were proposed during Op Ex, not just during Dirks years alone...

Is it possible that other UC interests are taking advantage of the Cal 'interim lame duck leadership' situation?

A Bear leaves an admin post at Cal, with these resignations - is it just rearranging deck chairs or a move based on better thinking?

See this article at Daily  Cal:

The position was developed by outgoing Chancellor Nicholas Dirks when he first arrived on campus in 2013 as a way to integrate multiple existing positions that oversaw maintenance and construction.
In his role, Lalanne oversaw the campus real estate portfolio, which includes properties in Richmond and Berkeley in addition to the campus. In August, the campus announced that it planned to construct a hotel on property in Downtown Berkeley. Additionally, the position of vice chancellor for real estate oversaw the Berkeley Global Campus, a project of Dirks’ which was indefinitely suspended in August.
Lalanne’s resignation and the position’s elimination is the second initiative started by Dirks to be eliminated. Andrew Szeri, the former vice provost for strategic academic and facilities planning, resigned in June and oversaw the Office of Strategic Initiatives, which was dissolved earlier in the year.
As of Lalanne’s resignation, eight high-level administrators have resigned or announced their intent to resign or retire in the last year, including Dirks, former provost and executive vice chancellor Claude Steele and former vice chancellor for administration and finance John Wilton.
Prior to his appointment, Lalanne was the founder of the Lalanne Group, a Bay Area real estate development company. He is a 1978 graduate of the campus College of Environmental Design.

-- Is anyone drawing clear time lines on the history of  some of these initiatives, proposal of these positions? Some of it predates Dirks arrival...are these just power grabs during the 'lame duck, interims leadership'- is there an actual plan? The Cal real estate VC position was lauded by UC Regents as good planning, thinking when   LaLanne made a presentation to them at a UC Regents meeting when he started, so...

Also see:

..."the faculty sub-committee within the search committee will meet before Campus Day and will be able to choose which applicants advance to interviews. She doesn’t understand the necessity of a faculty sub-committee, but hopes she and Morrow will “feel included during that process.”
ASUC Senator Anthony Carrasco said there is a lack of communication between UCOP and campus regarding this event as well — students who will be attending the meeting received an outline of the day’s plans about a week beforehand in the email. This information has not been made available to the general student population.
UCOP) is using the upcoming Campus Day on the sixth as a rubber stamp — what they call the student input, but in reality it is not,” said Carrasco.

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