Wednesday, October 26, 2016

College Board's Two Annual Reports On Tuition Hikes and Financial Aid Trends Nationally

Trends in College Pricing- Two Reports here:

Some of the coverage:

Student Loan Debt Hits Another Record High

Time Mag.:

Wall Street Journal:

WaPo: College costs rising faster than financial aid, report says

And SAT scores take dip:

At UC Does It Just Mean Tuition  Fee Hikes  In Perpetuity?


"According to Christ, the unpredictable nature of tuition increases not only tends to make university budgeting more difficult but also burdens students and their families. She asked the lawmakers about the plausibility of developing a “predictable formula” for tuition increases in order for everyone to be prepared in advance.
“I would think that would be perfectly reasonable,”  Liu, the District 25 senator, said at the forum. “In fact, we did carry a piece of legislation when I was in the lower house, (but) actually the UCs opposed it. They didn’t want anything that was gradual, predictable or affordable. They wanted do it on their own.”
Christ also said at the forum that a pressing concern in the California higher education system was the intense enrollment burden, especially at CSUs and the UCs.
“I think we need more campuses,” Hancock, the District 9 senator, said at the meeting.“Since (the passage of the 1960 California Master Plan for Higher Education) our population has doubled … and our number of UCs have stayed pretty much the same.”

"When asked of the efforts made by the campus in tackling changes to tuition fees and access for financial aid for out-of-state students, Christ said the UC campuses have sought to balance their budget by increasing their admission of international and out-of-state students, who tend not to get as much financial aid, in order to make tuition affordable for California residents.

“I do believe we should be raising money for financial aid for international and out-of-state students” Christ said."

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