Thursday, October 13, 2016

Forms of Marginalization

"Outsourced IT workers ask Feinstein for help, get form letter in return"

Senator responds to University of California IT employees whose jobs are going to India


"Feinstein also has another close connection to UCSF. Her husband, Richard Blum, is on the Board of Regents overseeing the University of California"...

October 18 - UC Regents Health Services Committe

Is this a better approach now?

"California community colleges unveil online program that allows students to take courses across multiple campuses, a project that replaced a failed attempt to tap for-profit online course providers to meet student demand."


Does UC Berkeley have surgeons but no med school?- is it that joint UCB-UCSF type thing?


"For example, UC Berkeley is the only UC school to have surgeons who work with transgender patients, Bhattar said"

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