Sunday, October 16, 2016

Kickoffs, town halls...

UC Merced Kicks Off Historic $1.3 Billion Expansion


Merced, the least renowned of UC's campuses, is attracting more students and rising in the rankings
"Katelyn Fitzgerald, UC Merced student body president, said those needs included housing, food security and mental health resources. She also said that she and other students felt their voices had not been adequately included in the planning process.

“There’s a huge disconnect” between students and administrators, Fitzgerald said. “Why isn’t the university focusing on these issues before we grow more?”

UC Merced spokesman James Leonard said the university was proud of the resources and support devoted to students from disadvantaged backgrounds and planned to increase that aid as the campus grows.

Several students said the new facilities would add more luster to a campus they had grown to love, despite initial misgivings among some.

Jalen Siler, a senior from Compton, said he cried when his father told him he would not take out loans to send him to his dream school, Syracuse University, when UC Merced was offering a free ride. But Siler said he found that the small campus offered a rich array of leadership opportunities. There, he could be a judge in student conduct cases, a fraternity leader. The new buildings, he said, will be another selling point when he pitches the campus to his friends back home, as he now does.

Jessica Rivas, a senior from North Hollywood, mistakenly thought that UC Merced was in Santa Cruz; after arriving on campus in “the middle of nowhere,” she was determined to transfer as soon as she could. But she quickly changed her mind after joining a student leadership program Merced runs"...


UCD town halls offer insights on hopes for new chancellor


"The search advisory committee will have its work cut out for it in trying to weigh the variety of issues — sometimes in direct opposition to each other — that the campus community hopes will be considered.

In an interesting juxtaposition, one town hall attendee addressed the committee, saying “The medical campus doesn’t feel like it has a chancellor” and that “the world is broader than Davis.”

The very next commenter, who said he lived in Davis, differed. “UC Davis used to have a super-positive partnership (with Davis). We have a unique relationship with the town; let’s keep it good.”

In this same vein, another staff town hall attendee said that “There’s been an inability at the leadership level to build community … When building a community is absent in a leader, divisiveness often follows.”

For the town hall designated for the Academic Senate constituency about 30 people attended,"

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