Thursday, October 6, 2016

More UC Reading Comprehension Tests...

UC Davis researcher killed by rock throwers in Ethiopia

New turn at Cal on some high profile IX:


Looks like one of the counsel UCOP used to look into the Katehi matters represents a UCD alum in:

Also at UCD
Rap concert exposes racial rift at UC Davis


A new interim : vice chancellor of student affairs at Cal

Part of several other similar launched nationally this week..

Former football captain sues NCAA, Pac-12 over concussive injuries

An interview with the Cal student on his DeCal course:


Also, reaction, reception Op Ed to Napolitano's Op Ed on free speech:


"With a single op-ed, UC chief Janet Napolitano has become an unlikely ally of conservative and traditionalist critics of the speech-policing movement among campus crusaders nationwide."

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