Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Party On, rainbows and sunshine...

UC President Napolitano interviewed-UC not mentioned directly...
There is also this article:

"Unsurprisingly, Obama’s White House looked nearly identical to the list Froman sent Podesta: Eric Holder, Robert Gates, Arne Duncan, Kathleen Sebelius, Timothy Geithner, Larry Summers, and Janet Napolitano were some of the names Froman suggested who joined the Obama administration.

Yup, as the majority of Americans got caught up in the rainbows and sunshine Obama was drawing—including yours truly—business as usual reigned supreme behind closed doors."

Also there is this update to earlier headline this week:
"UC Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks praised the steps the Greek organizations were taking to improve student safety, saying last week that he has “great respect for this bold and important step undertaken by our fraternities and sororities.”"

And, Sac Bee:

"Giving cash to Clinton’s campaign? Good chance you work for University of California"
Choose wisely...
Rainbows and sunshine, all in one

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