Sunday, October 16, 2016

UC Regent "Blum on adventure and philanthropy", and other things

Richard Blum on adventure and philanthropy
Richard Blum, author of "An Accident of Geography," discusses how his adventures around the world led him into a life of philanthropy. Duration: 6:00
And softball on Blum Centers at UC

--He talks about Title IX related issues- but does not connect it directly to Title IX at UC- and talks about  his work in Nepal, he also discusses CGI Clinton Foundation..

This is also in the news at the same time:
Email About Qatari Offer Shows Thorny Ethical Issues Clinton Foundation Faced - The New York Times


Should this be "comforting"?

How to get to this expert assertion?:

"The fix is already starting. Bernie Sanders got free college on the Hillary Clinton agenda. Her version is inadequate, but her administration will serve as a staging ground for a renaissance of ideas about increasing learning nationwide, improving research funding, and getting price-gouging intermediaries out of education."

There is UC in:


'Debased' 'displaced', 'goofed'', 'punk-ed' in the headlines word salad...
Along with the vid clip above-  for balance- consider:

Few more on NBC talent: . "We believe that this is coming so close before the election, something that discourages good, hard-working, decent people from running for office."

Some of the UC Regents have been appointed by...

It was a strange time, remember? How did it all turn out?

Melissa Harris-Perry: MSNBC ‘Truly Did Not Care About Me’

Billy Bush to Donate $10 Million to Women's Charities

At NBCU, Billy Bush Is Out, But Corporate Espionage Seems In | Variety
Analysis: Release of the 'Access Hollywood' Trump outtakes seems like a material breach of corporate standards, so why hasn't NBCU addressed the matter?


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