Wednesday, October 19, 2016

UC Regent Kieffer: " I'm not surprised to see these kinds of things sort of planted, if you will, to affect the collective bargaining process"

That quote from Kieffer in

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Daily Bruin has it:

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(Also the LA Times coverage link available in prior post)

Initial impressions: Kieffer 's comment is disappointing because he asked ,in his capacity then as committee chair of compensation (from the UC Regents table at a July UC Regent meeting in a prior year) that the press take care in how they write about senior management group salary increases when the regents approve them, in those comments from him he specifically directed his comments on a first name basis to a former Higher Ed reporter at the LAT , and there is this history, but now when lower level staff are providing info about their experiences working at UC - that is brushed off considered a 'plant' tactic...

UCOP spokespeople tend to make around $125,000- $300,000 so their responses to this report  could come off somewhat self -serving and hypocritical, their fridges probably look quite different from lower level working class UC  staff- even different from  their local 'colleagues' who are lower mid level staff at UCOP.

Kieffer 's comments also are of concern because he is on the committee to recruit the next UC Davis Chancellor  and they  have close affiliates in nutrition, hunger,agriculture, global food programs, yet this is the response from a UC Regent on the topic as it relates to UC employees...Some of those UC nutrition  programs have been troubled in the past (certain high profile Whistleblower cases) and met with resistance - so, when done well, need the frequent  championing of informed UC leaders to be successful, -this Regent response to data on this topic  is not a small concern.

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