Tuesday, October 4, 2016

What if a democratically elected UC Berkeley Chancellor had the legit votes of its students, staff, faculty?

Regardless of whoever the UC Regents try to vote in next March as UC Berkeley Chancellor? Wouldn't it turn that UC Regents and private consulting firm pick into a Pretender Chancellor?

Now see:

Robert Reich urged by faculty group as new UC Berkeley chancellor


Former Clinton labor secretary floated as new head of UC Berkeley





We propose Robert Reich as an excellent candidate for chancellor. Reich is the chancellor’s professor of public policy in the Goldman School at UC Berkeley, former Secretary of Labor in the Clinton administration, distinguished public intellectual and commentator, author of best-selling books on the economy, politics and education, inspiration for the film “Inequality for All” and a firm believer in public education and the public interest.
Wendy Brown, Michael Burawoy, Celeste Langan, Colleen Lye and James Vernon are members of the UC Berkeley Faculty Association.

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