Sunday, November 6, 2016

Chancellor searches, UC Regents representation of UC, More.

See: Student Groups Threaten to Resign from Chancellor Search Committee

"The Vanguard previously reported that the Graduate Student Association had passed a resolution that condemned the chancellor search process and imposed five conditions to UC President Janet Napolitano as conditions of participation. ASUCD on October 23 submitted a similar letter.

Both GSA and ASUCD have authorized their student reps to resign from their positions on the Chancellor Search Advisory Committee if 5 conditions are not met.

At their November 2 meeting, the GSA General Assembly voted unanimously to authorize Brian Riley to submit his two-week notice of resignation from the search advisory committee for the next UC Davis chancellor to the chair of the committee, Janet Napolitano. If submitted, the notice will remain in effect until the following concessions are agreed to:

Chair Napolitano agrees to run the committee meetings according to Robert’s Rules, including submitting a proposed agenda for each meeting in advance.
Chair Napolitano agrees that non-committee members (including employees of the private search firm) shall not speak during committee meetings unless asked for points of clarification.
Chair Napolitano agrees to immediately release a list of demographics of the current candidate pool (including ethnicity, gender, and current position title) and will release updated information after every meeting.
Chair Napolitano agrees to immediately release a statement on the role of the faculty subcommittee, the full committee, and the search firm.
Chair Napolitano agrees that no candidates will be invited to be interviewed or considered to be finalists unless they have been first approved by the committee.
Resolution from ASUCD

Last night the ASUCD Senate passed Senate Resolution 1, a resolution calling for a halt in the search for the next UC Davis Chancellor until a more transparent and student-friendly search process is enacted." ...see full article there with more details.
Katehi will donate the scholarship pledge to a new UCD center?
Remember: "UC Davis chancellor withholds $200,000 scholarship donation as inquiry continues

Now this latest: "What’s next for Katehi? Opportunities for women, memoir"

Includes: "For now, however, she is focused on fundraising for such a center as well as establishing its specific missions.

“The university has done an amazing job” in this area, Katehi said, “as the No. 1 in women in STEM, and with the number of women who participate in various levels of administration, and both academic and research leadership.”

She also is enthusiastic about returning to her work in electrical engineering.

“I have a lot of work I’m doing in D.C.,” Katehi said, specifically within the National Academy of Engineering. She was elected to the academy, the highest professional distinction for an engineer, in 2006.

“I reduced my activities in D.C. (while living in California), but I really enjoy it.”

Chancellor emerita
Also on Twitter, Katehi has updated her profile to include the title of chancellor emerita. When asked about it, she said it has “an honorary meaning, and, in fact, it is part of the (separation) agreement” that Napolitano drafted.

“But I’m not going to have the same (arrangement) as Larry,” she said, referring to Vanderhoef’s office, executive assistant and budget for travel and office expenses. “I’m very busy with other things, and I’m not going to have an office the way Larry did. It won’t have a meaning for me the way it did for Larry.”

She added, “I really don’t need an office in administration, and it’s never good for a chancellor emerita to have a hand in administrative duties” while a new chancellor is in place.

“At the same time,” Katehi said, “I have an interest in fundraising for certain programs at the university, for things I really care about deeply,” which may require some administrative support.

Writing a memoir
“Among other things I’m doing,” Katehi said, “I’m writing a memoir. I always wanted to do it, and I have collected a lot of material over the years.”

She said the memoir will focus not only on the troubles of the past year — although she does intend “to recite the facts and let other people make up their minds” — but also how there were only two women in her graduating class of 190, and how few women were electrical engineering professors when she started her career.

When asked about her perspective on how her situation has played out now that some time has passed, Katehi said, “Maybe it’s too early to say anything.”

But she exhibited some ill-will toward her media coverage in an Oct. 24 tweet regarding The Sacramento Bee; the newspaper was awarded first-place from The Inland Press Association for its investigative reporting into Katehi.

Tweeted Katehi, “Nowadays the press is rewarded for lying or not telling the truth. What a shame!”"

"U.S. Legislators Send Napolitano Letters Against Outsourcing UCSF Tech Jobs"
"Several members of the U.S. House of Representatives sent letters to UC President Janet Napolitano this past week, requesting that she reverse her decision to lay off 17 percent of UCSF’s IT workers and outsource those jobs through the foreign-based Hindustan Computers Limited America firm. UCSD Chancellor Pradeep Khosla sits on the board of HCL, along with UC Berkeley’s Dean of Engineering Shankar Sastry.

The University of California entered into a $50 million agreement with HCL in September that would extend over five years. According to the agreement, HCL will be responsible for providing IT services such as data center monitoring, storage, server and other operations when the current IT workers take their leave in February after training their foreign replacements. It is unknown if the foreign workers will hold visas, but HCL is an H-1B dependent firm due to the fact that 15 percent or more of their U.S. employees are in the country with such visas. An H-1B is a nonimmigrant visa for the temporary employment of workers in specialty positions.

Napolitano received two separate letters — one on Nov. 1 from Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.) and one on Nov. 3 co-authored by Reps. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) and Mark DeSaulnier (D-Calif.) — each urging her to reconsider this current plan, which would replace 80 of UCSF’s tech employees. The UCSD Guardian obtained copies of these letters on Nov. 3 and 4 from a member of UPTE-CWA 9119, a union that represents healthcare, technical and research employees throughout the UC system.

Rep. Lofgren begins her letter by suggesting that"...


Editorial: UC administrators’ actions do not reflect their own Title IX policies
"Of course, Pattiz does not represent the University, "
Um, but he does...

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