Friday, November 25, 2016

Grasping complexities

Dem Lead Pelosi wrote to Napolitano on UCSF in recent days as well:

You can read the letter here:

And more coverage here

A round robin of some other UC student newspapers over the break:

This op Ed in OC Reg from an asst prof at Chapman, it seems UC And CSU are much on his mind:

California regents, trustees and elected officials M.I.A. in university housing controversy

This latest post from Remaking the University:

As Trump Privatizes Education, Dumping Identity Studies is the Worst Possible Advice

-But would Reich still frame himself as a Clintonite even after Bernie?

-Brings up Guinier too ( but does not link in Nannygate, Hill Thomas hearing,  Bork, North hearings all that from back in the day).. long good read.

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