Thursday, November 10, 2016

"If I Did That"

The apology from Pattiz was "if I did that" but LAT has:

"Pattiz apologized to McDonald and others offended by his conduct. He told The Times he had learned that remarks he intended as jokes were offensive to others and said he would not repeat such behavior.

But Monica Lozano, chairwoman of the Board of Regents, recommended that UC policies be revised to hold regents accountable for such actions. Her proposal will be voted on next week at the regents’ meeting in San Francisco.

“A regent’s actions, even in his or her private capacity, may be considered a failure to fulfill a regent’s duties as a member of the board and may be a basis for sanction where such actions are inconsistent with the University’s policy” on ethical conduct and sexual harassment, the proposal says.

Lozano also is recommending that all regents be required to take UC’s sexual harassment prevention training program upon appointment to the board and every other year after that.

Lozano declined to comment. She told the UCLA Daily Bruin that she condemned Pattiz’s actions and took the allegations of sexual harassment “very seriously.”

Pattiz was unavailable for comment. He is chairman of the Courtside Entertainment Group, which produces podcasts and radio shows, and has served as a regent since 2001.

Lozano’s proposal says that regents are closely identified with UC, even in their private capacities, and could harm the university if they violate its ethical standards and sexual harassment policies"


Prop 55 passes:
The lack of turnout for Clinton in California was part of a national trend.
“I don’t know how we’re going to explain that,” Salon’s Joan Walsh said on KQED Forum this morning.

UCOP and Chancellors sent out:

And talk about how funding for public higher Ed could take major hit here:

Sac Bee picks it up like this:
UC president moves quickly to reassure undocumented students after Trump’s election

He thought HRC would win:

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