Tuesday, November 8, 2016

'In a manner consistent with their role as'...

Op Ed: "UC Regent Norman Pattiz's sexually predatory nature shows the terrible ongoing standards throughout the UC system":

UC Regent Norman Pattiz watched as case after high-profile sexual harassment case came to light throughout the University of California. Then Pattiz, a trustee at the system’s highest level, perpetuated the crisis in his own depraved way.
In May, he asked his colleague if he could touch her breasts. Apparently, not even months of public scrutiny and bad press could make him consider the implications of his offensive and disgusting comments.
This kind of chilling, unpunished ignorance sits on the UC Board of Regents, the body charged with overseeing an overhaul of systemwide sexual harassment policy, demonstrating how pervasive and deep-rooted sexism is in the UC system.
The first lesson here is that the regents urgently need a system that holds them accountable for actions that fall outside the purview of regent business. Pattiz’s lackluster apology, in which he called the whole situation “a valuable learning experience,” doesn’t go far enough.
It also serves as a reminder that UC regents, appointed by the governor for 12-year terms, are often completely out of touch with the needs and morality of most students and faculty who make up the system. The regents board deserves members appointed for reasons besides their relationship with the governor.

And this update,
Former Berkeley Law dean moves to end proceedings against him

And this update,
Tyann Sorrell to return to UC Berkeley on Wednesday

SF Gate on a story update from one that broke over the summer,
"Amid concern, Cal conducts new review of football drills program"


"The new evaluators — Dr. Elizabeth Joy, president of the American College of Sports Medicine, and Wayne Brazil, a former federal judge and Berkeley law professor — were chosen by the office of Chancellor Nicholas Dirks and have no ties to Cal football staff, said spokesman Dan Mogulof. Brazil served as chairman of the Police Review Board that reviewed the aggressive handling of student protesters by campus police in 2009 and 2010, resulting in changes to procedures.
Mogulof said Joy and Brazil will conduct an independent review without interference from the football staff.

Mogulof emphasized that the new inquiry “is not an investigation” of Harrington or the specifics of what happened to Agu or Hale. UC admitted negligence in Agu’s death and settled the family’s lawsuit for $4.75 million in April, and the football player who injured Hale was suspended; he avoided criminal charges by fulfilling unspecified sanctions imposed by UC Berkeley.
The new evaluation will look at how coaches, trainers, physicians and staff do their work. The idea is to turn Cal football’s strength and conditioning program into “a national leader” for health and safety, Mogulof said.
“I am confident that we have the exact right people leading this effort,” Dirks said in a statement."
"Some faculty members remain skeptical about the new inquiry. In July, nearly 100 faculty members petitioned Cal officials not to renew Harrington’s $150,000 contract until a new probe could determine whether he violated his employment agreement in a way that placed students in danger. Harrington’s contract was quietly renewed days before the petition was submitted.
“Why has the scope of the (new) inquiry been limited to the question of adequate medical supervision of athletic training?” asked Celeste Langon, an associate professor of English and co-chair of the UC Berkeley Faculty Association, which advocates for faculty interests and helped circulate the petition.
Langon said the group’s concern “is with the broader question of ‘locker room culture’ — in particular, whether coaches are held to the standard of their employment contract, which requires them to act in a manner consistent with their role as ‘instructor of students.’”
And this new development:

Grassley criticizes university over its IT offshoring
Other lawmakers are asking UC, San Francisco, to reconsider its plans
The US Senator's letter to Napolitano from September  also there  in the article.

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