Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Look deeply for the reasons why , don't just react.
For Starters See:
Nation's Electoral Divisions and  Role of Public Higher Ed


Biting the Populist Bullet:

And much much more analysis of what the media, the parties, the pols and more did in the lead up to it.
Analysis that has to be combed through by all.

Title IX , tuition, sports, all played stakeholder roles, and of course voting rights.more.
Class divisions among women as highly effective wedge...
The coverage last night in relation to UC:

Hundreds of California Students Protest Trump Victory

Anti-Trump demonstrators set fires, break windows in California

Not Our President' — Protests Erupt Across the Bay Area After Trump's Stunning Presidential Victory


--The World Needs Smart People To Help. Best Thinking. Always.

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