Saturday, December 24, 2016

Books, athletics, - administration quagmire and limited history

Read this first in full for the most complete info along with Dirks letter which they included:

"impact on our campus and its extended community," Dirks wrote in his letter.
The full letter is available here: PDF 

Several ideas came out of the meeting, including separating the California Memorial Stadium debt from Athletics, given the fact that the Haas School of Business now holds classes at the stadium, and is a tenant. Another suggestion was that Cal, like several other peer schools, grant tuition waivers, and take"...
Then see:

Two former Cal admin offer their own bits of history:
Former UC Berkeley athletic director says she was overruled on field hockey space decision

SJ Merc op Ed on UCSC:
Space for books at UCSC libraries?
"No chance was given to students or faculty to buy the books. Millions of dollars of public property was destroyed. A long-standing and painstakingly collected archive was removed to solve a temporary space problem.

The library “lost” the list of the books which it de-duplicated, so we don’t know which among them were rare or important. We are still waiting for the library staff to recover their list."

-- compare that with the field of dreams- libraries next to cornfields romanticism of University written about: here


Don't even need a new administration for this:

No regrets

Gone gone gone

Goin to CA

Or Christmasy
Mix of both

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