Monday, December 12, 2016

Cal bearish; bull-ish? student housing options; and a li'l pine nuts, more

See this VF article on grad student research: ..."and his girlfriend were staying up late to watch Star Trek reruns "
And ,
UC comes up in this article and in the comments:

Then read:

There’s an Antidote to America’s Long Economic Malaise: College Towns
Many places that bounced back from losing jobs to China are home to a major university..

UC Berkeley overcrowding: Students studying in San Francisco, living at Mills College


Homework, but no home: How Bay Area housing costs affect some UC Berkeley students

.."Coming from Sacramento, the cost of Berkeley is mind-blowing,” said Ty Perez, who found himself homeless after his apartment arrangement fell apart this fall. “As a transfer you have to compete with wealthier students who can afford more.”

With scholarship money already devoted to tuition and to rent that he could not get back, he’d run out of options.

He was sleeping on friends’ couches and floors until he made his way to a meeting of the Homeless Student Union, where Harvey was able to refer him to a local resident who had offered up a free room in her home.

“If I hadn’t gotten help, I would have had to drop out,” said Perez, who’d fallen behind in class work because he was so worried about housing.

He didn’t have to explain that to Harvey. As a teenager, she was homeless for several years after her mother lost her job and they were evicted. They stayed in shelters and lived in their car before Harvey moved into a classmate’s home her senior year of high school.

She lived on campus the first two years at UC Berkeley, but now, as a junior, works more than 20 hours a week to pay for expenses not covered by grants. Nine percent of students said in a campus survey that they worked 35 hours or more every week to help pay for school. Close to 60 percent said they were buying fewer books or getting them used or online.

Almost 20 percent of UC students systemwide reported sometimes going hungry, in a recent survey by the UC Global Food Initiative. A quarter said they had to choose between paying for food or housing and school expenses.

“When students come to Cal they expect they will be taken care of,” said Michelle Hong, program coordinator at UC Berkeley for CalFresh, a federally funded, state-maintained food subsidy program. “But what they get is a third of what they need.”

Those who run out of food can get emergency loans, donated dorm meal credits, or visit the student-run Food Pantry twice a month and take up to five items. Many look for free food events on campus and downtown.

Canedo, who is working with the Homeless Student Union to survey student needs, says he knows anecdotally that more students are struggling.

Part of the problem, Le Grande said, is that federal grants don’t take into account the high cost of living in cities like Berkeley. And the university – which admitted 750 more"...
NYT with:

From a Cal sociologist: "The Roots Of The Democratic Debacle
The defeat of Hillary Clinton was a consequence of a political crisis with roots extending back to 1964. The warning signs should have been obvious."

That term was jolting 'Dead week ' mixed with the  obits reminders.. and the other dreary news...

Remembering Cohen and if thoughts go to thinking of that loss

Try to find a way back
Might be difficult
Try to find a way back toward cheerful

Sound track of  nostalgia or    sort of festive ... w/ capital P in pine- a fellow Bear and Babs

To search for  :a laugh

During height of Election coverage, a cool design  emerged: Treasured cloud

Just try.

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