Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Deserving of a better 'present' day

More colleges open food pantries to fight hunger on America's campuses

CRISPR patent hearing produces no clear winner, only 'soft signals'

They were among a select group of mathematicians and scientists honored at a glittering Silicon Valley gala

American teens' math scores fall on an international test

Keepin’ It Real with President Napolitano: The State of the State’s University

"Well, I think times change and the reality is, the state puts in fewer dollars. The reality is that costs do go up. And we have an obligation to be as efficient with our dollars as we can be. But it costs money to offer a world-class education at a research university. Our number-one cost is our personnel, and that’s one of the reasons we are a major world-class university.
But what I think also has changed is that as tuition has gone up, so has financial aid. So as I mentioned, 57 percent of in-state residents pay no tuition or fees, and they’re from families who make less than $80,000 a year. If you make up to $150,000, you get generous aid and you get the Middle Class Scholarship Fund kicking in. So, overall, 75 percent of our California residents will get financial aid. It may not be Bernie Sanders’s view of utopia, but it’s still the best deal going in higher ed."
... Napolitano talks about Title IX too but does not discuss the recent sexual harassment allegations involving UC Regent.
"I think Governor Brown and I have reached a common understanding of a framework. It’s one we reached in 2014 and includes funding that goes through the end of his term. So we did reach an agreement. I’ll just leave it there."

Then see:
“We are not going backwards. We are going forwards,” said Sanders, who lost a hotly contested race for the Democratic nomination to Hillary Clinton and has since come out swinging
Senator Bernie Sanders' full speech at Zellerbach Hall


Charles Reed, who led CSU as chancellor for 14 years, dies at 75

For those much too young:

Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of loss.

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