Friday, December 16, 2016

Fray, not fringe


"University Of California Administrative Workers To Strike In January"

Also this op ed:

"Here’s where the situation gets dicey.

The task force is charged with weighing “how the requirements of Title IX affect our choices about how to reshape the (intercollegiate athletic) program.” Should it recommend cutting women’s programs to reduce the above-mentioned budget deficit, the “proportionality requirements” of Title IX could dictate that cuts may also occur in men’s sports such as rugby, even though no cost savings would be derived from the cut."

- Why is Cal admin always setting IX up as the wedge


As follow up to topic in  immediate last post, see:

"Time For Democrats To Give The Professional Class The Heave-Ho"
"As many researchers and reporters concluded after election night was over, there were a goodly number of voters who went for Obama twice and switched to Trump. This fact really complicates matters for anyone who wants to write down Clinton’s loss as simple racism. I would posit that these voters in particular saw Obama as someone who would distribute political and economic power down to them ― happily voting for him twice. But when the time came to choose someone to continue this unfinished redistributive project, Clinton failed to distinguish herself as the likelier successor.
It’s very likely that many of these voters just couldn’t see themselves in the picture the Clinton campaign was painting, which relied heavily on the idea of barrier breaking and diversifying professional-sector boardrooms as a key way of ameliorating income inequality. At a critical moment, the Clinton team forgot that not everyone in America wants the lifestyle of a Facebook executive."
And also see:

"California: America’s egalitarian and inclusive refuge? Not so fast"

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