Friday, December 2, 2016

Higher Ed Has To 'Own It', too

Whatever side and however things turn out Higher Ed and Higher Ed interests played a role in tilting scales...
Now they want to hold conferences to do the assessments
Do folks believe  they are the unbiased third party that can do it ?
The content of their events are unavailable for public viewing unless you watch certain outlets who may have covered it- this is how universities are funneling knowledge?...
Corp media ownership of supposedly scholarly exercise
 "the school calls “the first draft of history.”

Only audio clip with unidentified speakers who worked on or covered campaigns included?!
Just sound clouds
 (the uninspiring is in their 'get inspired' section, ha)

Click on the links below to listen to audio from each session:
Opening Roundtable Session
Panel Discussion: The Media and Election 2016
Democratic Primaries and Convention
Republican Primaries and Convention
Interview with David Fahrenthold
Interview with Nate Silver

Roundtable Discussion: The General Election

Also there was all the purging and shuffling of media figures from certain 24 hour cable news just prior to launch of Election coverage last year that has to get a thorough analysis still

Discussion of this but not in context also of all  other paid pundits ...
But anyway here are some links to those events... Huff Po links - it was interesting timing that Arianna gave up ownership just as general election went full throttle:

Then there was this other exchange at another Higher Ed venue:

Covered by the Daily Mail with video of the key highlighted  exchange that was  missing in other news coverage where they just described it or only gave  limited  excerpt:

Maybe CA Higher Ed can hold events that can tell fuller, accurate, more complete first draft history?


Includes CA Higher Ed experts comments on:

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