Friday, December 23, 2016

If you're a Bowie find your Bing, n sing

See how UC Berkeley comes up in:

That piece-
Gets covered like this:

- remember that Schwarzenegger/Reed article he did years ago, wonder what Lewis would write on: this latest?

Other articles:
Cal research collaborations moves in:

There is some sensitivity to the sudden widespread distaste
And, for a sense of the level of disgust, see, this, this, this

And then juxtapose this very incomplete response to what happened and how it happened, why:

So research can get the HRC treatment, too?
How is everyone so sure SV is across the board liberal Dem?

Who will checkout whether or not it is going well, these folks?

Bridging the town and gown divide

UCOP churns out their end of year list pieces:



Take a page from David?

Can it be?
Years from now
Perhaps we'll see

-That seems to be the theme.

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