Friday, December 9, 2016

In a CA state of mind?

Last one to add in:
State court upholds UC tuition, aid for immigrants here illegally

"Citing a recent diagnosis of a serious health problem, former California Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez said Saturday he is dropping out of the race to replace U.S. Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-Los Angeles).
"I've got to focus on my health right now," Pérez said in an interview. "But it was a very hard decision."
The 47-year-old Democrat declined to offer specifics about his condition, citing a desire to keep it private. But he said it was serious enough that it would keep him from waging a vigorous political campaign in 2017.
"The treatment is one that doesn’t lend itself to the intensity of a campaign that the community deserves," he said.
Pérez, who serves as a University of California regent, was the most high-profile politician who had entered the race. He was also the first to announcehis candidacy after Becerra was chosen by Gov. Jerry Brown on Dec. 1 to be California's next attorney general.
The timing of a special election to fill Becerra's seat remains unclear, though it would probably take place next spring. While several well-known Los Angeles Democrats have been eyeing the race, to this point the only other announced candidate is Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez (D-Echo Park).
Pérez said it was too soon for him to decide whether to endorse any other candidate in the race to replace Becerra.
"Right now, I want to take a couple of days off," he said. "I've got to get healthy.""

A few more items to add:

University of California gives CIO $841,000 bonus despite year of negative returns

The UC Regents posted their meeting schedule for 2017:

January 25-26 - UCSF Mission Bay
March 15-16 - UCSF Mission Bay
May 17-18 - UCSF Mission Bay
July 12-13 - UCSF Mission Bay
September 13-14 - UC San Diego
November 15-16 - UCSF Mission Bay

Gov on ethnic studies:
Newsweek on how:

PPIC new data:

Housing comes up as the driver, not so much tuition?:
NYT on:

Californians rate public colleges highly and back giving them more state dollars, survey shows
The way of the Tau:

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