Thursday, December 1, 2016

The battles they pick?

Compare and contrast how quickly UC can move on a policy position on a subject other than Title IX:
No months or years of waiting for task force reports or evidence based research etc? 'This committee has to meet, that campus will do this , this campus will do that'..

Just a clear quick policy position by comparison...
"On the immigration front, it's University of California vs. Trump"
Los Angeles Times -

"UC won't assist federal agents in immigration actions against students"
Los Angeles Times - 16 hours ago


So remember that discussion for how UC might or might not be able to remove a board member, that discussion at the UC Regents Meeting? And remember the audio comments  in that clip  of audio the Daily Bruin posted? the "120 and 20lbs of" etc,Remember that?

Then the section where Daily Cal also wrote how Regents talked about this at the Nov meeting:

"the UC Board of Regents meeting earlier this month, the body unanimously approved a new policy requiring that board members comply with regents sexual harassment policy and ethical standards in private life. As a result, regents are also required to take an online sexual harassment prevention course upon appointment and biannually afterward.
Pattiz, a member of the governance and compensation committee that first heard the policy proposal, has said he has already begun the mandated course.
“There is no excuse for any such comments or making anyone feel uncomfortable,” Pattiz told the Los Angeles Times after the first recording was aired. “If I did that, I sincerely apologize, and it will be a valuable learning experience.”
A UC spokesperson was unavailable for comment.
Most regents are appointed by the governor and approved by the state Senate. Pattiz is currently serving a 12-year term on the board that expires in 2026.
The board can remove members from leadership positions or ask them to resign, but the standard for removal would generally require criminal proceedings launched by the state attorney general."
And then  now there is:

Includes this tweet:

"Former speaker of the California state Assembly John A. Pérez jumps into race for Becerra's seat "

- that's UC Regent Perez but it does not get into what it means for fellow UC Regent Newsom 's race for Gov.

 For more on that subject:
See Sac Bee

Jerry Brown jolts California politics with Becerra choice
"Within an hour of Brown’s announcement, former Assembly Speaker John Pérez, who had hinted earlier in the week he might run for Democratic national chairman, declared his candidacy for Becerra’s congressional seat, apparently hoping to clear the field."
And the Pres of UC Regents is focused on climate i1:

Read more here:

UC plugs a story about their concern efforts on student hunger

They seem to want brownie points for noticing student hunger after years of students reporting it as their experiences.

but they are mum on that report about UC staff Hunger

And there's

Yep remember the audio 'the 120 lbs, and 20 lbs' comments  in that clip  of audio the Daily Bruin posted?

Petitioning UC Board of Regents
Tell Regent Pattiz To Resign From The UC Board of Regents

Start at about the 4:00 time mark til about the 9:00 mark below:

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