Thursday, December 8, 2016

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CNN: Napolitano in DC talking to CNN about UC and DACA, more.

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Sac Bee:

Former UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi in line to become feminist institute leader at UC Davis

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Includes: "Members of the Feminist Research Institute board did not return emails or phone calls this week.

Some student activists who led protests against Katehi earlier this year objected to the appointment, in part because it would give her another leadership role.

“She is sort of marketing herself as the sort of woman that is there for other women,” said Elly Oltersdorf, 21. “There are some things she did for women in STEM and that’s important, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t culpable for her actions.”

And she writes this latest:

"Why I will join the Women’s March on Washington on January 21st, 2017"

includes her comments on how: "the politically corrupt mind speaks of one but not the other."



UC Davis drops big plan for Sacramento with Katehi’s departure


[I’ve] always wanted to write a memoir, and I found that being on sabbatical leave would be the best time to do it,” Katehi said. “After that, I will be teaching next year and it would be very hard to write and publish.”
Katehi believes that women often face higher scrutiny and are at times held to sexist standards.
“For the same mistake, women will be criticized more,” Katehi said. “A lot of times they are called unable to lead. And I thought it’s so important nowadays to talk about gender issues, and to talk about the glass ceiling.”
--And student concerns over her statements about donating scholarships that apparently still has not happened?:
“[I’m] disappointed to see Mrak Hall struggle with communicating the truth about what the chancellor had been doing on campus, whether the furniture or the donations she never donated that was supposed to go to scholarships,” Micek said. “The spokespeople of campus never communicated truthfully and it didn’t take long for the Sac Bee to point out the inconsistencies. Napolitano said ‘Linda misled me’ — she didn’t know about the Internet scrubbing contracts.”
Anthony Estrada, a third-year majoring in managerial economics, feels unsure if Katehi should be allowed to return as a professor at UC Davis.
“From the internet scrubbing, nepotism, conflict of interest, I wonder if she should be on paid leave and still allowed to come back on as a professor next year,” Estrada said. “But I don’t know if a man would have been punished less, or more.”
Helen Bansen, a recent UC Davis graduate who was involved in the Fire Katehi movement, is disappointed that Katehi will be returning to campus.
“I’m frustrated that Katehi is still on campus and allowed to stay in Davis, and that essentially she was given the choice to resign rather than being removed,” Bansen said. “I feel like the things she did and the role she continues to play in a number of companies don’t have the students’ best interest at heart. I’m hoping [there] will be a resurgence of the Fire Katehi movement because she is still given a huge amount of leeway that other people would not have been given.”

Sheryl Sandberg Doesn’t Think Fake News On Facebook Influenced The Election
But a recent survey found that made-up news stories fooled Americans 75 percent of the time


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