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UC Regent Pattiz resigns effective Feb 16,- Has Tauscher been confirmed?

Some updates and questions on parts of new coverage:

LAT: includes:
"Kieffer, in his Dec. 6 reply, told the regents that no further action on Pattiz was planned, although he would continue to monitor the ongoing litigation.

Monge, Newsom and Torlakson then prepared a draft letter formally asking Kieffer to allow regents at the January meeting to vote on opening an investigation into Pattiz. The letter was not sent because Pattiz announced his retirement.

“None of that had anything to do with my decision to retire,” said Pattiz, adding that the regents did not have the power to investigate him without his consent and that he never would have given it. “My attitude is, it’s been 16 years, the labs are taken care of and this is the time to go.”

-is that-the part in bold- true about the regents rules?

And Daily Cal comes up in :

"Emilia Dantes, a friend of Park’s, told student newspaper The Daily Californian in 2016 that Park was often afraid of going to work, concerned Pattiz would potentially assault or harass her.

“She was miserable and felt sick to her stomach every day,” Dantes said. “Wondering, is he going to come upstairs today? What will he say? Is this the day he grabs me or touches me?”

Pattiz’s lawyer said there is no Emilia Dantes."

- Did the Daily Cal give their position on the? Is that true?

HuffPo also pointed to in piece on the resignation here:

Daily Cal coverage:

Daily Bruin coverage:

See SF Gate for his letter and Chair Kieffer's response:
"UC Regent Norm Pattiz, accused of sexual harassment, announces resignation"

They both reference Tauscher but has she been confirmed by the CA Senate Rules Committee yet?


In SJ Merc coverage they say they talked to Pattiz about it today:
"UC Regent Norman Pattiz retires in wake of protests over inappropriate comments"
Includes: "In the interview, Pattiz brushed off the student protests. “That’s what students do, and they have a perfect right to do it,” he said."

Regents Varner's and De La Pena's terms end this coming March- so, once again, multiple-3- vacancies on the board for the governor to appoint...

One is reminded of UC PATH, and other things...

"...Recently, for instance, the Legislature directed Howle to delve into the finances of the University of California, and its cloistered executives, especially President Janet Napolitano, went into full DEFCON 1 mode.

Eventually, Howle learned that responses to her inquiries of officials at individual UC campuses were being routed through Napolitano’s top aides and sanitized of criticism before being forwarded to the auditors.
Howle blew the whistle on the laundering, two top executives walked the plank by resigning and the UC president was admonished by the Board of Regents after taking semi-responsibility. The audit, meanwhile, determined that Napolitano was sitting on a $175 million secret stash of cash."

And then:
...."Howle has done so, in a sense, by excoriating the State Judicial Council, the policymaking arm of the Supreme Court, for its disastrous foray into a centralized case management system. And she didn’t hesitate to hammer UC, which is also constitutionally independent, for its financial mischief."

In reference to the business system debacle one is reminded of UC PATH, a system that UCOP drove as a major initiative and has gone over budget and resulted in high 'assessment fees' That each UC campus must pay to UCOP-and some views hold that the assessment can throw campus budgets in a squeeze and the campus becomes beholden to UCOP for help and then UCOP micromanages that campus e.g. : BERKELEY- that was part of what fueled the $175 million 'scandal'...the other part of the scandal was that senior UCOP staff could not provide Howle's team with the itemized list of what the $175 million went to ...Howle's team had to create that list for UCOP and then later UC passed the list around as though they knew its content all along, that was part of the scandal, too...and that speaks to business systems and mngmnt as well...

SF Chronicle took it up in a different way

And nationally there is this



Which can spin like this:

""scolds Obama administration"

Or handle it like this:
"...majority of Justice Department employees are non-political and remain in place even as administrations change."...

How would that new UC free speech Constitution center handle their megaphone on such news stories as the above? Would the leadership cover their own role in it? Would it be a good thing? For who?- see also:

We still don't know what was in the "private report on UC" that Howle wrote in response to the Moreño report (this time) on UCOP survey tampering

We still don't know what the reforms list looks like *they are reforms deemed necessary even àfter the two staff resigned and Napolitano's apology* but LA Times was privy to it apparently:
"State Auditor Elaine Howle wants University of California regents to consider disciplining university employees who repeatedly interfered with a state audit, tried to hide their actions, misled investigators and withheld requested information until threatened with court action, according to a private report by her office obtained by The Times." See:

And btw UC Regents hired two former state auditors and they presented at the UC Regents September audit and compliance meeting and some of their comments circled around a notion that CSA could not be the arbitor of market rate value re compensation. -at about the 30:00 minute mark there... That's how their consultant work for the regents started off...all of the above is likely to come up again in the new year...

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Scope Creep of the New UC DC-based 'Free Speech Center' -and where is UC campus based faculty, Academic Senate members contribution, research, input in it?

UCLA Fac blog points to: this Politico article that discussed UC
Includes this DC based model as something that can regulate campus based culture etc:
"Napolitano acknowledged that supporting even very provocative free-speech rallies on campus is not a position shared by everyone in the university community, and that there’s not an “insignificant percentage” of students who believe that the First Amendment doesn’t cover hate speech. She said a new UC center on free speech to be based in Washington will explore how to best teach students about the Constitution.

“We have a real education issue before us to educate students about what the First Amendment means and to make sure that they understand that once you start policing speakers based on the content of what they are going to say that sets a horrible precedent,” Napolitano said."

- Note now, not just 'free speech' but now the entire 'Constitution'-- that looks like some serious scope creep...and it was entirely foreseeable. It is not just a duplication of effort concern, there are faculty on each of the UC campuses' engaged in this type of research, teaching of the Constitution and it looks like their participation is not sought by making the efforts of this new center DC based... for add'l concerns see also:
And, on research implications:
In this story: at HuffPost

This comes up:
... “is a pervasive speech code for lawyers, including on matters unrelated to any pending litigation,” UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh argued in "...

It also includes this highlighted quote from another expert:
"The 14th Amendment is not some special interests amendment for women and people of color and the LGBT community — it’s equal to the First Amendment."

- see how predictably the scope expands?!
- it would be helpful to have details on how campus-based UC faculty and staff are and will routinely be a part of this UCOP-driven DC-based new center and how these efforts taking place outside of CA will transport it's deliverables, end products, research findings, teachings to campus and students in a manner that will not appear to be by think-tank fiat or a series of dust collecting tomes, unread white papers (but with a nice budget drain on travel, luncheons, dinners, gala at a well-catered DC center etc for the cherry picked participants)..

Monday, December 25, 2017

Boalt Alumnus to Head Civil Rights Division of Dept of Education, -and an article on FERPA and Title IX

Multiple special interests in Higher Ed come up throughout this: "Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Hearings to examine the nominations of Kenneth L. Marcus, of Virginia, to be Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights, and Johnny Collett, of Kentucky, to be Assistant Secretary for Special Education and Rehabilitative Services, both of the Department of Education, and Scott A. Mugno, of Pennsylvania, to be an Assistant Secretary, and William Beach, of Kansas, to be Commissioner of Labor Statistics, both of the Department of Labor." See:

One of the key appointees is a UC Berkeley Law alum:

Right now cspan only has the audio posted here:
- but they may eventually post the video and/or transcript...

IHE "Focus Is Title IX in Hearing for OCR Nominee"

Earlier they had:

Other coverage:
UC comes up multiple times in:
"In one recent legal action, Marcus filed a complaint against the University of California, Berkeley, describing student activities "...

And another section has:
"Marcus has also been caught falsifying incidents. A formal university investigation of his claim that an “angry mob” of the University of California at Irvine revealed that the activists were simply chanting outside an auditorium after having been locked out of what had been advertised as a public screening of a controversial film. Similarly, Marcus’s website claims that the University of California at Santa Barbara had agreed to his demands that outside observers moderate speakers and classes ... He also said the university agreed that students and staff would be required to take a “training” by an organization ."... See that piece in full for the details, context etc.

And now this other piece at WaPo:

"What they're not talking about with Title IX that really matters"
That posits:
..."Meaningful reform of Title IX is going to require us to reform the student privacy law — specifically, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act."...

And again:

"Many college grads face mountain of debt"

Napolitano and Chemerinsky at Commonwealth Club talk on Free Speech

Napolitano has been doing interviews, moderator services for Commonwealth Club, this is the latest from earlier this month with the new Berkeley Law Dean Chemerinsky on the subject of free speech and they discuss their new UC center they are collaborating on.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Overly Broad Strokes, Not pushin' that envelope, myopic, and a breakthrough...

Painting a whole gen like this?!:
"UC Berkeley Chancellor Carol T. Christ, for insisting on the importance of free speech on campus at a time when, as she herself acknowledged, “we have a generation of students now who are much more willing to think about restrictions on speech.”"

Then in that same piece LAT also herald: "The Academy of Motion Pictures, for an awards season that wasn’t #Oscarssowhite (though it is still way too #LightonLatinos and #AintmanyAsians.)"

But just a few weeks ago it was: and included:"“It appears back to business as usual, unfortunately,”"

And just today their content has generated this feedback:

Twitter Skewers Los Angeles Times — And Stars — For All-White Actress Cover

Here's Why Twitter Is So Angry About This Hollywood-Themed Cover


This Title IX just settling at UC Berkeley: "UC Board of Regents settles sex harassment complaint against professor "

And SF Gate:

In light of all the decades-long UC Title IX problems, problems recognized by many on all sides of the issue,

And in light of a decades-long UC Regent (whose been at the helm during these UC IX problems) mentioned here:

It can feel like a disconnect ... A feeling perhaps of one woman's accolade can be another woman's Coin/Snow, so to speak...


Some of the coverage can lead some other subject matter experts to even ask a question like this:

"Is #metoo for colleges and sports?"

- because the myopia can be real and it can even be used as a tool. recall all those folks using the line that they are 'steeped in academia, academic life and yet don't know anything about that Title IX thing ' - that stance has been used as a tool in a narrative to skew policy.


Persisting to... a breakthrough:

Novel and retrospective 'Harvard for the 100%'?

This Politico article: covers what has they say "...left Higher Ed leaders reeling..."

A different version of Harvard for the 100% earlier: here.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

“The campus has, for decades, not dealt honestly with the budget,” said Christ, who assumed office in mid-summer. “And it has not sought to...

..."reconcile how much money it takes to run a sports program and how much money we’ve allocated.”

That's in: "Chancellor Carol Christ talks Cal athletics: Budget plans, stadium debt, the AD search and finding a sustainable model

-that new board of visitors
and Berkeley foundation mentioned as
influential --comes up in the story above with regard to direction of Cal Athletics, more. Cal now listing them as upper echelon UC stakeholders, description of them as having greenlighting or opposing campus capital projects influence etc-- are such groups similar to a 'shadow regents'- are such groups - w/ their own dedicated UC support staff serving them - a part of the higher ed master plan? Is it possible that the regents and these other groups might find themselves in opposition to each other, or with differing, opposing goals? Are these types of groups becoming mini "campus regents'and is that a good thing?
Also a 'chancellor interview' on UCSF
Does Hawgood discuss his: Title IX office problems (that concerns actions of a former Cal faculty equity director) as one of the hardest problems?:


..."The bill had proposed a tax on college and university endowments exceeding $500,000 for every student enrolled, but it included a provision that would have exempted those with fewer than 500 tuition-paying students. The parliamentarian struck only the words "tuition-paying," the Ways and Means representative said."...

Monday, December 18, 2017

"I certainly don't like the idea of retiring under a cloud," he said.

See: "...The University of California regent who was recorded last year asking an actress at his podcast company if he could hold her breasts said Friday he’s considering resigning amid calls for him to step down from the powerful panel.

UC regent who asked to hold actress’ breasts is considering... The Ball family: When exasperation leads to the wilderness GOP tax bill could trigger $25 billion in cuts to Medicare PG&E may shut off power lines to prevent fires in this... Concerns raised over Breed serving as both SF mayor, supervisor Giants trade starter Matt Moore to the Rangers for prospects SF Aquatic Park closed to swimmers after third sea lion attack...
But Regent Norman Pattiz told The Chronicle that if he does resign, it won’t be because of demands that he do so.

“Had this (recording) not come up, I might have considered retirement more than I’m considering it now,” Pattiz said, noting that he’ll be 75 next month and has been a regent for 16 years. “I certainly don’t like the idea of retiring under a cloud.”

Pattiz, who has apologized for his remarks and said they were meant as a joke, said he hasn’t yet decided whether to step down."....


SFGate has:
..."The letter also condemned Pattiz for saying the UC Student Association should be “ashamed of themselves” for approving a resolution calling on the board to dismiss him. Pattiz told the Chronicle he said this because their resolution is “full of information that isn’t true.”...

Friday, December 15, 2017

“I’m fairly critical of the Pac-12 organization,’’ she said. “Like many central organizations — you could think about the office of the president here as an analogy, and it’s just human nature — you tend to elaborate your own organization rather than understanding that it should be as small and efficient as possible for the benefit of the members.”

- is that about OP too?
See SJ Merc: "Cal chancellor Carol Christ expresses “three sets of concerns” about the Pac-12’s direction, criticizes the conference office itself"

At Daily Cal:

Examining the lack of faculty diversity in the UC Berkeley biology department

..."the only faculty member of color in the UC Berkeley integrative biology department — for nearly 30 years."...


See: "UCSF fired head of sexual harassment prevention office"


The Takedown of Title IX

It is unclear when this report will be released:
On the UCSF story at the top...
Also unknown how it might or might not affect link to this other headline:

Thursday, December 14, 2017

And a golden goose or goose egg in a pear tree..?

Sing it, w/ feeling:


"The GOP tax bill contains several provisions that will undercut America’s colleges and universities."

"Colleges, universities targeted in GOP bills"

UC applications race:

And, has the Cal Chancellor kept promises?
The Atlantic on community colleges:

This Op Ed on Napolitano:
"Why couldn’t Napolitano pivot? Because her failure wasn’t merely her overly defensive response to an audit. She also failed to offer a compelling vision for transformation of the UC. She never had a policy offense, just defense.
Napolitano made popular moves to increase student diversity and to focus on climate. But what UC needs is a systemic change that gives the universities the footing to expand their enrollment, quality and production of graduates – rapidly.
The opening for this is obvious; PPIC says the state will be short more than 1 million college graduates by the end of the next decade. UC’s leaders should enact a plan to cover half that shortage themselves.
That would mean the doubling or more of its number of graduates. Which would be great. California is no longer the national leader it was during the 20th century in college graduates—21st century leadership requires a return to that.
Also, being able to produce excellent graduates at scale is the essential question for public higher education in the world right now. If UC really is a leader, it needs to lead and show us how to do this.
When I made this point to Napolitano once, she answered by suggesting that would represent mission creep—UC isn’t for everybody. True, but California needs it to be for a lot more people than it currently is.
And to do that, it looks like the UC needs a new leader."

This story out of UC Davis now at multiple outlets via AP:

UC Davis strips ex-professor of titles following sexual assault claim
And at Sac Bee:

And raises some questions about any academic Senate procedures in it:

"Online-only California community college to target 'stranded workers'"


At the moment it seems:

"Proposed tax for graduate students killed, student loan interest deduction saved in congressional bill"

Revisit and What's up w/?:
"Republican tax bill takes aims at college athletics, stadium financing"

This was the Dec 13 UC Regents health services committee meeting:

And importantly, :

GOP Pushes Ahead on Higher Ed Act
"Republicans on House education committee -- with little patience for complaints over rushed process -- advanced out of committee an expansive update to law governing federal aid programs."

'Live long'and?:
"After debating and voting on amendments all day Tuesday, the House education committee advanced to the full chamber on a party-line vote a rewrite of the federal law governing higher education in the U.S.
The legislation, called the PROSPER Act, would change accountability for colleges and universities, alter the student financial aid landscape, and loosen restrictions on short-term and for-profit programs."...

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Revisiting UC 'Operational Excellence' talk...more.

Let's return to an earlier piece and ponder the true meaning of operational excellence in it:
UC, Texas A&M to team up on bid to operate LANL

See this section:
.. “But along with UC’s record of experience, of course, comes a record of some failures. There have been failures, in particular, in operations. And now the question becomes, if you’re a selection board, do you go with somebody who has experience but possibly questionable past performance? Or do you go with somebody who doesn’t have that kind of directly relevant experience, but has better past performance in things that are arguably similar?

“Or do you perhaps find somebody, some team, that combines some operational experience that you would consider highly relevant with past performance that you consider to be excellent?”"...

The 'regent Pattiz and UC regents culture and governance' issue comes up in: "How sexual harassment is playing out in the California governor's race", a new Sac Bee piece:


UC Merced brings in $3billion to State?!:
- that's a UC press release...or news?

Addressed 50 staffers, of a total staff of 10,000...:

..."improve morale and better connect with the school’s 10,000 staff members.

“We couldn’t do what we do, we couldn’t serve our students, we couldn’t serve our faculty were it not for the extraordinary work you do,” Christ told the group of 50 staffers."...

A UC Berkeley Law alum, and a UC Davis alum...

Are in this mix of emotions for many on this news:

- at the place where a majority of UC Regents Meetings occur, although there are now two scheduled for UCLA in the new calendar:
January 24-25 - UCSF Mission Bay
March 14-15 - UCLA
May 23-24 - UCSF Mission Bay
July 18-19 - UCSF Mission Bay
September 26-27 - UCLA
November 14-15 - UCSF Mission Bay

Speaking of UCLA-
Local abc affiliate on ways to help:

Monday, December 11, 2017

Gov. "Brown wants Pattiz to resign, according to two sources familiar with his thinking. He has had a senior staff member request Pattiz’s resignation at least once, the sources said, but Pattiz refused."... And on Climate Change

In depth article, see:
"Radio Mogul Under Pressure To Resign From Powerful California University Board
Several women have accused Norman Pattiz of sexual harassment."


..."The issue is complicated by the fact that it’s not possible for anyone ― including the board itself; any California legislative body; or the governor, who appoints most regents ― to remove Pattiz. Instead, Pattiz would need to voluntarily resign.

A lawyer for Pattiz told HuffPost, “Mr. Pattiz did not know of the letter (which I guess isn’t surprising given its underlying purpose).”

Brown wants Pattiz to resign, according to two sources familiar with his thinking. He has had a senior staff member request Pattiz’s resignation at least once, the sources said, but Pattiz refused.

The UC Regents, or as they are more formally known, the Regents of the University of California, are a governing board charged with overseeing the University of California system, including over 200,000 students and over 150,000 faculty and staff members. The Regents have broad powers and help to oversee a multibillion-dollar budget. The scandal-plagued University of California system has been working to improve its handling of sexual harassment cases by speeding up investigation timelines. And earlier this year, the Board of Regents also strengthened its own ethics policies, addressing procedures for investigations into alleged misconduct and providing options for sanctioning a regent if allegations are proven."
"Pattiz serves on the Academic and Student Affairs; Governance and Compensation; Public Engagement; and Development committees. He has served as the chair of the National Laboratories committee, but former Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher, who now serves on the Regents, is taking over that position, and Pattiz recently chaired his last committee meeting."

But there are Tauscher's recent controversial comments on sexual harassment, see:

What are the powers of the UC President of the UC Regents?


The President of the UC Regents Is Also:"The governor who's castigating the president on climate change"

--That piece On many other things as well see the full article for all of it.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

UC 'n A&M for LANL?

See: UC, Texas A&M to team up on bid to operate LANL

..."“It would make sense politically, certainly,” said Greg Mello of the Los Alamos Study Group, “and it would seem to make sense from a research perspective. Both schools have a little different niche in that regard.”"...

..."Neither officials at the University of California nor those at Texas A&M would confirm their partners or say whether they are working together.

“We can’t confirm or discuss any of our bid partners,” said UC’s Gary Falle, a government relations specialist working with California regents."

See the full article for more.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

UC Regents Health Services Committee, December 13, 2017

Notice of Meeting: Health Services Committee, December 13, 2017

A meeting of The Regents Health Services Committee is scheduled for Wednesday, December 13


December 13, 2017
12:30 pm
Health Services Committee (closed session)

Date: December 13, 2017
Time: 12:30 p.m.1
Location: Centennial Ballroom, Luskin Conference Center, Los Angeles Campus
Agenda – Closed Session
Action Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of October 18, 2017

H1(X) Discussion UC Health Litigation Update
Closed Session Statute Citation: Litigation [Education Code §92032(b)(5)]

H2(X) Discussion UCSF Health Strategic Affiliation, San Francisco Campus

Closed Session Statute Citation: Acquisition or disposition of property
[Education Code §92032(b)(6)]

upon adjournment of closed session

Health Services Committee (open session - includes public comment session)

Agenda – Open Session

Public Comment Period2 (20 minutes)
Action Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of October 18, 2017

H3 Discussion Remarks of the Executive Vice President – UC Health

H4 Discussion Overview of Report from the President’s Ad Hoc Task Force
on Health Data Governance

H5 Discussion UC San Diego Health Budget Overview, San Diego Campus

H6 Discussion Potential Leadership to Manage the Leveraging Scale for
 Value Initiative and Corresponding Market Reference Zone

H7 Discussion Clinical Quality Dashboard for University of California
 Medical Centers

Committee membership: Regents Blum, Lansing (Chair), Makarechian, Reiss, and Sherman
(Vice Chair); Ex officio members Brown, Kieffer, and Napolitano;
Executive Vice President Stobo, Chancellors Block and Hawgood;
Advisory members Dimsdale, Hernández, Lipstein, Ramsey, and

Times indicated and order of business subject to change

Here is a piece on UC Davis student housing:
"Commentary: So Called Mega-Dorms Are Being Villainized, but there Are Advantages As Well"

And on financial aid :

"In an era of inequity, more and more college financial aid is going to the rich
Poor students still get money, but higher-income classmates get a growing share"

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

UCSF high profile IX Case, -And Higher Ed separate from education in CA or not?

This apparently is a still open case at UCSF, no final findings yet released by that campus and seems to involve a CUCFA leader: "Former UCSF researcher sues UC regents, UCSF professor for alleged sex harassment"


At UC Davis: Public Commenters Speak Out Against Mega-Dorms


"Where they stand: leading Democratic candidates for California governor offer visions for education"
..."The candidates were not asked to talk about higher education at the Advancement Project California event.

The governor’s influence over education at all levels in the state is massive — and arguably far more than that of the state superintendent of public instruction, whose post is also up for grabs next year, but whose powers have been severely curtailed by the Legislature. The governor has considerable sway over how tens of billions of dollars in state support for child care, K-12 education and postsecondary education are spent.

In addition, the governor can exert direct influence over preK-12 policies through the people he appoints to 4-year terms to the State Board of Education, to the Board of Trustees of the California State University system and to the Board of Regents of the University of California. Because the CSU trustees’ terms are 8 years long, and those of the regents are 12 years, the governor’s influence over these governing bodies is shared by appointees of previous governors who are still serving out their terms. The governor’s appointees are supposed to act independently of the governor, but he makes his influence felt by nominating candidates who typically broadly share his views on

Another view:
"How Education Could Shape the Governor’s Race in California: Funding, Accountability, Charter Schools"

And, one more:
..."The University of California system refuses to accept certain high school courses that rely on BJU and Abeka materials for credit. The Association of Christian Schools International sued the University of California System over this issue in 2005. A judge eventually ruled in favor of the UC System."...

Pushing agendas 'talks'- and proper survey handling is important...,more.

"Chemerinsky said during the event that they began each class by polling students on court cases and issues regarding free speech and found the students were “overwhelmingly” on the side of "...

Then there's also that UC prez-penned high-minded op ed at:
Civic Education and the University of California

And these moves:

But, most importantly, consider it along with these next two articles:

State Official Seeks Consequences for UC President's Aides Who ...

It -polling , survey, evaluation,request for feedback- comes up as a task at key points in University business:

With significant results...

And we also have to recall:

Cal Athletics, this new hire:

In light of :

Also at IHE :

In light of that Monday night f ball...:

Then you've got your University endowments and leg hijinks coverage:

Its Makin' folks Moody('s):

A flashback to Dirks $200,000 PR moves to get a Ted talk? "consulting firm, to identify “fruitful domestic and international opportunities” for Dirks, such as TED talks, "

Good luck finding that Napolitano-Chemerinsky talk here:

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Gettin' read...

See- someone is desperate to move on- this new from LA Times, where they seem to try to soften hard truths:

"Editorial Closing the book on the UC audit"

--But - we point out here : recall the testy exchange between regents Blum and Pattiz about the SEC audit practices in relation to what happened with this year's state UC Audit: that exchange and audio links were included toward the end of this previous post:

Now see these other new editorials today that raise the same angry but very salient points:

And now there are ripple effects at American University see:

"Investigation shows Burwell’s chief of staff pick interfered in University of California "

Where they point to UC General Counsel like this: "“Seth acted in accordance with the advice of UC’s attorneys,” Burwell said. "

Then see- the American University press release notes this, and some of the sadly ironic or interesting sections are highlighted in bold:

October 30, 2017

"TO:American University CommunityFROM:Sylvia M. Burwell, President
SUBJECT:Appointment of Chief of Staff and Counselor to the President
I am pleased to announce the appointment of Seth Grossman as Chief of Staff and Counselor to the President, effective December 4, 2017. Seth comes to us from the University of California System, where he serves as Chief of Staff to the UC President and as a lecturer at the University of California, Berkeley School of Law.
A member of the President’s Cabinet, Seth will report directly to me and work.....
At the University of California, Seth was President Janet Napolitano’s top executive in the administration and operation of the UC system with 10 campuses, five medical centers, three affiliated national laboratories, more than 264,000 students, 209,000 faculty and staff, and an operating budget of more than $31 billion. While managing UC’s senior executive team, he worked closely with UC faculty, student, and staff leaders on a wide range of academic, administrative, policy, and strategic planning matters; oversaw the Office of General Counsel; collaborated with the UC Board of Regents on governance reform; developed UC’s Public Service Law Fellowship Program; chaired UC’s Global Food Initiative; and led UC crisis response efforts. He also led the creation of UC’s first system-wide Title IX office.
Prior to his service at the University of California, Seth was Deputy General Counsel and Counselor to the Secretary at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, where, among other responsibilities, he helped to lead the development of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Earlier in his career, he served in other government positions with the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, and also worked in private practice. He earned his BA summa cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania and JD from Yale Law School. He was a law clerk for U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, as well as for Judge Guido Calabresi of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit and Judge Stephen Reinhardt of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Seth is a native of the Washington, DC, area."

-- so a couple things..
Grossman oversaw the UC general counsel office while at the same time taking advice from the general counsel office as a staff member?! Who exactly did he supervise on the 'executive leadership team'? These things were not mentioned in the report or by the UC regents in open session. How exactly is that UCOP org chart really working? They have multiple org charts that seem to cloud things even further...

And where is the UC Academic Senate leadership in all this?!

Grossman was made a lecturer at Berkeley Law,
Napolitano was given an academic title at GSPP after her hire.
(Napolitano said that $31 billion turned out to be far more complicated than she originally thought, btw-- so maybe Yellen soon available would be a good ...)

* yet no one is discussing the academic research practices related to survey handling and what happened at UCOP that arise in all of this?!* What UCOP does in practice also becomes part of the research at places like CSHE at Berkeley--with this latest state audit debacle...

Also, the regents in November meeting said they would non specifically take up part of the issue at the January meeting. The UC Academic Senate leadership participates in regents meetings but has not made a public statement on these events addressing the fact that academic titled administrators were involved in 'mishandling' the surveys and other behavior in the audit process--

In September UC Regents meeting Regent Zettel mentioned multiple times that both she and Regent M would like to pursue having the state auditor Howle come back to their compliance and audit committee to present at a special meeting, but no special meeting was ever scheduled and the plan for that was not addressed by the board in open session so it seems that that was tapped down, nixed. Zettel mentioned October as one ideal possible date for a special committee meeting. You can see the compliance and audit committee meeting in September for Zettel's comments on Howle etc in the archive regents post.-- and btw it looked like chair Zettel was not present at the November meeting, or speaking to this- and some other regents also suddenly were not present at the November meeting or speaking to any of this...


"Berkeley grad students create online calculator to estimate cost of House tax plan"


One hundred or hundreds?

"Hundreds rally at UC Berkeley to protest proposed graduate student tax hike"

"About 100"...

- would the numbers have been higher if the grad students hadn't broken with UCSA?- then again the undergrads are facing likelihood of tuition hikes-...

On DACA - Silicon Valley, Napolitano networking, lobbying:


Is this a good new thing?

There's also:
Passage of Senate Tax-Reform Bill Leaves Colleges Scrambling"

Don't miss:

Universities are also to blame for the GOP’s ‘grad student tax’
Charging us tuition, only to waive it, helps to define us as students instead of the essential workers we are.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Napolitano says she is not going to resign...Hasn't hit that five year vesting yet?!- could that be the reason?

Despite Calls to resign UC President not Stepping Down

..."You know, I made a mistake and I acknowledge that in approving that we would review campus responses,” says Napolitano. “But I will simply say I was not involved in the activities after that.”

Knowing her office would see their responses, the investigation found that UC San Diego, UC Santa Cruz and UC Irvine all changed their answers, replacing criticisms of her office with more praise.

When the investigation revealed the meddling, both Napolitano’s aides resigned for ‘family concerns’.

That prompted the UC Board of Regents to reprimand Napolitano. As for public trust and calls for her to step down, Napolitano says she is not going anywhere.

“Well, my response is to appreciate the expression by the Board of Regents, to continue leadership, and to stay focused on what we are trying to do,” she said. “We have a tough road ahead of us on the education side… I am staying on it.”

The state audit eventually found that Napolitano’s office paid excessive salaries and benefits to top executives and kept $175 million in a private reserve fund that was never disclosed.

The Board of Regents plans to discuss reforms to avoid this kind of thing in the future when they meet in January."


Politico covers her birthday, but also offers:

..."What is a trend going on in the U.S. or abroad that doesn’t get enough attention? “A particularly disturbing trend is the increasingly partisan view of higher education, with Democrats generally in favor and Republicans increasingly negative. This has important policy ramifications. Witness the negative treatment of higher education in the Republican House and Senate tax plans, for example. The proposals would hurt students and make higher education more expensive and less accessible.”"...

UC Davis Chancellor on higher ed:

"Gary S. May: Thousands of students at UC Davis and across the country will walk out of classes on Wednesday in a show of solidarity against the repeal of several tax exemptions and deductions that make college affordable for millions of Americans. The House bill is an attack on higher education in the name of reform."

Monday, November 27, 2017

UC Leadership Challenges Extend to UC Regents Board...

"UC needs new leadership. "

UC needs new leadership. But this cannot be limited to finding a replacement for President Napolitano. The UC Regents, after all, have made the decisions--through their choices of presidents and policies--that have brought us to this point. The Regents and UC must give up on trying to mimic the failed Michigan model in finance and the failed managerial model in administration. The new leadership of the university must restore the primacy of academic judgment over the demands of finance, must seek new ways to transfer funds from administration to education, and must be open to ideas from below. Meanwhile, the Senate must move beyond its currently reactivity and begin to act as a producer of vision and not just a commentator on administrative proposals. In addition, faculty throughout the system need to take ownership of their local budgets and campus futures.

UC needs new leadership but it is crucial that that new leadership be based on more inclusive decision making and a vision that places academic judgement and the University's academic future at the heart of its planning."

"Many college students going hungry, need donated food groceries and food stamps"

Also see:

The report is on UC systemwide , not just about Berkeley

On a $23 million salary at UCLA:

This is on Pattiz:
"Editorial: Regent accused of sexual harassment must exit board"

However, no discussion of his colleague UC regent replacement on labs committee and her controversial comments on the very same topic...
Unconfirmed UC Regent: "flatly argued that harassment can’t take place between members of Congress. “Female members and male members are equals, they don’t sexually harass each other,” Tauscher said."


"UC President Napolitano Admonished by Regents for State Audit ..."

Provided earlier coverage on this at THE but here now is the talk in full:

If UC pactices , operations are not working so wel --it can be difficult to get support for or belief in the true sympathy for such missives:

"University of California President Janet Napolitano, Student Regent Paul Monge and Student Regent-designate Devon Graves issued the following statement today (Nov. 27):

Federal tax proposals moving through Congress will have a devastating impact on the graduate students at the University of California as well as those across the nation. A repeal of long-established, critical tax benefits — from tuition waivers to loan-debt relief — will threaten the affordability and accessibility of higher education for so many students and families.

Tax reform should not be borne on the backs of our hardworking graduate students. They are vital to the university community and society at large: They further groundbreaking research, mentor the next generation and contribute to the economy. They are our nation’s future and deserve congressional support — not a tax hike.

We stand in solidarity with students as we work together to advocate for fair tax policies and to advance our shared mission of supporting higher education."

CA Chancellor on this:

And Chemerinsky on Cornell:

Should Public Universities Guarantee Free Speech?

Berkeley Law Prof Urges Cornell to Uphold Freedom of Speech ...

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Some of the response to UC audit interference reports, more

"California Politics Podcast: Questions and criticism for Janet Napolitano"

This is a good 20 minute overview:

"State auditor finds top aides to UC President Napolitano interfered in audit, recommends reforms"

"Borenstein: How UC President Napolitano undermined state audit"

"Editorial: After audit debacle, fire UC President Napolitano”

"Editorial: UC Regents were right to discipline President Napolitano"
"Editorial | Napolitano, UC regents both failing Californians in audit fiasco"

"The U-T Editorial Board isn’t calling for Napolitano to resign — yet. But it’s hard to have faith in her or the UC regents now. They failed Californians — and need to prove they’ll “conduct themselves ethically, honestly and with integrity in all dealings.”


Some on the faculty turn to a familiar refrain used in many previous UC 'sagas', scandals etc. of 'not corruption, just incompetence'

-- there are other takes on it, and one that rings most true is that 'the problems predate Napolitano's arrival'...

But at least there's a willingness to point out a few of the many glaring questions around UC PATH project management decisions ...

"Implementation of the UCPath payroll system was a major issue. This effort has gone over-budget and been much delayed. UCLA was supposed to be among the first campuses to adopt the system, but now will be delayed - apparently due to complications arising from the medical enterprise pay system. It appears that pushing UCLA back will also delay implementation at other campuses. No one quite answered the question (which was raised) as to why UCLA was set to go first if there were known complexities of its medical enterprise payroll system. If UCLA had gone first, it was said that Merced would have had to be removed from its system (since UCLA does Merced's payroll). It was unclear why, if Merced could have been carved out, why the UCLA medical enterprise couldn't have been carved out."

So, some belated Happy Thanksgiving in a fuller review of UC news...

And yes there was CRISPR news, and turkey tweets....
And in other areas:

Hard to find current coverage with the latest on these earlier headlines:

"Grad Students Say GOP Tax Plan Could Increase Their Taxes 300% | Fortune
e "

"Graduate students face alarming tax hike - Nature
Nature Journal"

"Graduate Students Are Freaking Out About the GOP Tax Plan. They Should Be | WIRED

"GOP tax reform: Why target education? | The Sacramento Bee

Compared with this latest headline: "
Senate tax reform markup opts to keep tax exemption for graduate students
Washington Examiner"

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Chastise, admonish, apologize, resign, bid, ashamed...the UC Regents...

Investigation of audit tampering report here:

Latest coverage:

"UC regents admonish UC President Janet Napolitano for approval of interference in state audit"

"UC President Janet Napolitano's aides interfered in audit of her office, investigation finds"

University of California regents chastise Napolitano


Drama and accusations grow over University of California audit
Inside Higher Ed
"Doctoring a Survey"



"University of California to bid on managing nuclear lab"
"University of California Regent: Students Should Be 'Ashamed' for Demanding I Resign for Sexual Harassment"

"Students should be ‘ashamed’ for demanding he resign over sexual comments, UC regent says
Norman Pattiz was recorded making inappropriate sexual comments about a woman’s breasts."

"BALDWIN: Who knows, and also with regard to Norm I just need to say that's obviously your story and CNN hasn't told that story. And we haven't heard from Norm, perhaps we will now.

MCDONALD: There are articles.

BALDWIN: I know, I know, there were. I know there were. I just feel like I needed to pop that in.

MCDONALD: Oh, sure. "


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

UC Regents Add "Special Meetings" on UCOP personnel in response to State Audit-- to their regular meeting November 14-16

In relation to these earlier headlines:
Executives who resigned from UC were involved in audit interference - San Francisco Chronicle
See important new agenda items added to end of UC Regents Meetings this week:
Upon end of Board closed
Upon end of Board open
Upon end of Board open 
Upon end of Board closed
And a reminder the UC Regents begin meeting this afternoon:
For up to date agenda items and ways to view- See:

Here is the link to view this session of meetings:

Daily Cal has:

UC regents to hear demands for Pattiz's removal; vote on tuition hikes tabled
Daily Californian

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Universities and those same plays, moves...

Linked. See:

Executives who resigned from UC were involved in audit interference

..."“The process of working with the individual campuses to review the survey responses was suggested by the university’s internal audit staff and reviewed and approved by the university’s attorneys,” Ballard said. “The university’s attorneys were directly involved in working with Bernie (Jones) and the campuses’ responses to the surveys.”

UC spokeswoman Dianne Klein said that neither Jones nor Grossman had been forced to leave.

Klein, who is also Napolitano’s spokeswoman, did not respond when asked by text and email about the president’s involvement in the surveys.

At UC Santa Cruz, survey responders initially rated technology help from the president’s office as “poor.” That became “good” after Napolitano’s office intervened. The campus also changed ratings for three services previously judged “fair” to “good.” And they changed their ratings of three other services, including help in identifying top-performing high school students, from “good” to “exceptional.”

UC San Diego’s original survey said administrators were “dissatisfied” with explanations from the president’s office about how it spends the campus fees that keep it afloat. They became “satisfied” after the president’s office reviewed it.

At UC Irvine, survey ratings on questions about the quality of collaboration with the president’s office over campus fees were changed from “OK” to “satisfied,” and others from “satisfied,” to “very satisfied.”

The UC regents will meet in San Francisco on Wednesday and next Thursday. No discussion of the Moreno report is scheduled. The regents will hear an update on UC’s progress implementing other areas of the audit recommendations."

And they also have multiple links to the archive leading up to this new Moreno Report:

Here are links to two sets of email exchanges between the UC Office of the President and several campuses regarding review of campus survey responses:
Here is a link to all Chronicle’s coverage of the state audit of the UC president’s office:

And Sac Bee AP covering it too:
UC executives involved in audit interference, report says

It is true: that the UC Regents do not list this new $220,000 Moreno Report as an agenda item for the meeting scheduled next week
Paradise and Higher Ed...:

Eaton on the mood shifts over:
"Endowments Boom as Colleges Bury Earnings Overseas"®ion=top-news&WT.nav=top-news&_r=0

And another Eaton in UC PR:

Boies feted by : Berkeley Law in recent years...

Now he is caught up in major ethical debate:

Fallout from that blockbuster major artile in The New Yorker

Also consider universities' Title IX moves as you read, and UC Regents possible ties to the subject matter...

And: "David Boies's Complicated Conflicts
Did the superstar lawyer cross ethical lines in his representation of Harvey Weinstein?"

And The Guardian

"But then attorney David Boies gave a painful interview in which, in a lawyerly way,"

He even came up -around that same time of the Berkeley Law speech he gave- in : "David Boies helped California gay couples win the right to marry. Now he’s attacking teacher tenure"

Recall: his wife interviewed UC pres Napolitano on important issues: here.

Many concerned about linked issues of academic freedom and free speech , with that in mind,see what looks like administration moves to control narratives and discussion of Free speech parameters now includes $20,000 fellowships of their favorites, chosen few:

These issues are linked. Linkages there to see for a long while..

Also see: