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The New Cal Chancellor,- Budget and Fundraising, More

New UC Berkeley leader takes over as school seeks creative money sources
..."Berkeley’s money troubles have emerged as its most visible problem — a gargantuan gap that is down from the $150 million hole revealed in early 2016. Its mandatory debt payments, in part from having to maintain the 149-year-old school, have tripled in the last eight years. But a large chunk of the payments, 20 percent, come from the $470 million Memorial Stadium complex that opened on campus in 2012. Money isn’t UC Berkeley’s only headache. The University of California’s flagship campus is awash in tensions over free speech, sexual harassment and a shortage of student housing."

"She’ll decide soon whether the campus should help athletics pay the seismic retrofit portion of its stadium debt — a plan certain to be unpopular with faculty, given coaches’ million-dollar salaries and the fact that Dirks gave athletics $23 million of campus money last year alone. But Christ says contributing to the stadium may be fair, since non-athletes and the public also use the stadium."
"But more to the point, she may have no choice, said John Cummins, a former chief of staff to four Berkeley chancellors who oversaw Cal athletics in the mid-2000s and continues to study the finances.

“There’s no way that athletics can pay that debt. They just don’t have the money,” Cummins said. “She’ll have to pick up a portion of the debt.”

Getting faculty buy-in would be a true test of Christ’s political skill. One strategy would be to give over Cal’s Art Deco Edwards Stadium to academic purposes, and find somewhere else for the track and soccer that use it now.

Christ said she’ll also decide whether to change how UC Berkeley complies with Title IX, the federal gender equity law — a shift that would shrink the rosters of men’s varsity teams and increase them for women’s. The campus is the only Pac 12 campus that complies by adding women’s teams when there is interest — like this year’s new sand volleyball team."...
"As for the rising number of sexual-harassment claims and the administration’s light-handed treatment of harassers — which prompted UC President Janet Napolitano to increase oversight of discipline decisions in such cases across UC — Christ said she will have no problem complying with a new 60-day deadline for investigating claims.

“It’s essential,” said Christ, who served as the campus Title IX coordinator in the early 1980s. “Our investigations take too long."

"Another reason many faculty members like Christ: She’s already secured enough money — pledges, anyway — to cover 52 percent of this year’s deficit reduction goal. Her plan is to raise more money faster in these ways:"

"Christ was tapped last year to serve as his second-in-command. After Dirks announced he would step down this summer, Christ accepted the top job in March."

- was she actually part of the applicant pool?

"Cal considers selling alcohol at games, demolishing Edwards Stadium, to reduce budget deficit"
http://www.sfgate.com/collegesports/article/Cal-considers-selling-alcohol-at-games-11818703.php "New head football coach Justin Wilcox is well aware of the financial turmoil facing the university, but he expressed confidence in the administration’s commitment to the top-grossing sport.
“My job is to focus on our football program and developing student-athletes into mature young men, who excel on the field, in the classroom and in the community,” he said after Monday’s practice. “I believe that our administration is committed to doing what is necessary to give our program the best chance to win football games.”"


Meet UC Berkeley’s groundbreaking new chancellor
"Carol Christ is the first woman and oldest person to lead America’s best public university.

CBS local video coverage of FB press conference:

And here in full 40+ minutes:. https://www.facebook.com/UCBerkeley/videos/10155652828654661/

More here:

Student Leadership, Napolitano, Christ, on Charlottesville

SJ Merc News:" Student Leaders Say Campuses Should Be Safe"
"President Napolitano sent the following letter to the UC community in response to the violence in Charlottesville":

" Over the weekend, our country experienced violent and tragic events on the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia. As the leader of the University of California, an institution dedicated to the vibrant and respectful exchange of ideas, I write to you today to condemn these hateful actions by white supremacists and to reaffirm UC’s values of diversity and inclusion.As I stated over the weekend, UC abhors the violence and hate displayed in Charlottesville that perverted Americans’ right to speak freely. We stand in solidarity with our colleagues at the University of Virginia in denouncing this shameful display and with the UVA students who bravely stood up to a crowd bent on violence. We offer our profound condolences to the family and friends of Heather Heyer, to all the individuals injured in the course of peaceful counterprotests, and to the Virginia state troopers who lost their lives.The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution grants us all freedom of expression. University campuses in particular are meant to foster an exchange of ideas, and to teach students how to respectfully approach viewpoints different from their own — even when those viewpoints are offensive and hurtful. But the acts of domestic terrorism we saw in Charlottesville represented an assault on our cherished values of diversity, inclusiveness and tolerance. We must continue to speak and act against the shameful behavior we witnessed over the weekend and ensure that our colleges and universities, and our nation as a whole, remain safe and civil for all.Diversity is a defining feature of the University of California and we embrace it as a necessary and valued part of our campus communities. I believe, as I know you do, that our differences — in race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, socioeconomic status, abilities, experience and more — make us stronger.UC remains committed to providing a safe, supportive, responsive and equitable environment for every member of the university community. We reject all forms of discrimination, commit to fostering an atmosphere of respect and inclusion, and pledge to defend the right to free speech.This summer and fall, as UC students, faculty and staff return to their campuses, I ask that we all recommit to these enduring values of diversity, equity and inclusion, and work to live up to these ideals in all that we do.


Berkeley Chancellor Carol Christ sent out this message today:

"Dear campus community,

I, like so many of you, am horrified by what occurred in Virginia over the weekend. Today, I join with millions of others to condemn the reprehensible acts of the racist groups that brought violence and mayhem to Charlottesville and to the University of Virginia campus.

We must now come together to oppose what are dangerous threats to the values we hold dear as a democracy and as a nation. Our shared belief in reason, diversity, equity and inclusion is what animates and supports our campus community and the university’s academic mission. Now, more than ever, those values are under assault; together we must rise to their defense.

Our hearts go out to the family and friends of Heather Heyer, whose life was senselessly and cruelly cut short by an act of unimaginable hatred. We also send our sincerest condolences to the loved ones of the two state troopers, Pilot Lt. H. Jay Cullen and Trooper-Pilot Berke M.M. Bates, who also died Saturday, when their helicopter crashed en route to the scene of the violence.

On behalf of our campus community, I send wishes for a speedy recovery to those who were physically injured in the mayhem. I also send a message of support and unity to the members of the campus and civic communities who have been deeply shaken and traumatized by these events, and must now begin the difficult process of healing and recovery.

As many of you already know, planning is now underway for potentially controversial events on our campus this fall. Paired with our commitment to the First Amendment is an equally firm commitment to the safety of the members of our campus community and their guests. We believe deeply in the value and importance of non-violence, and we will make every effort to deter, remove, or apprehend those who seek to cause harm to others, as well as to provide the resources, support and guidance that can help make events on our campus safe and successful."


Carol Christ
"Leading Berkeley Through Free Speech Tests
New chancellor assumes duties amid debate over and scrutiny of university’s response to controversial speakers."

Monday, August 14, 2017

Higher Ed at the Fed on IX, HBCU, more. And workplace research.

CA reaction to part of that AP coverage: http://www.latimes.com/politics/la-na-pol-devos-campus-assault-rules-201708-story.html

"The last thing we need is for DeVos and her point person for civil rights [Assistant Secretary Candice Jackson] to get out there and start saying things that imply you can come forward but you’re going to face a really big mountain trying to get anything done,” California Atty. Gen. Xavier Becerra said in an interview. He and 19 other attorneys general signed a letter in July urging DeVos to maintain the Obama-era guidelines.

“The shame that comes from being a victim and having nothing being done to the perpetrator would drive people back into the closet,” he said.
Here’s What Betsy DeVos Told the Associated Press About Higher Ed

Hechinger Report coverage

AP via Fortune interview: Education Secretary Betsy Devos Discusses U.S. Educational Issues

NBC: http://www.nbcnews.com/news/nbcblk/betsy-devos-says-she-didn-t-decry-racism-enough-n791466

WaPo on it:



Harvard Med and UCLA teamed up on this:


"American Workplace Is Physically and Emotionally Taxing; Most Workers Receive Support from Boss and Friends at Work | RAND"

One-fifth of Americans say their workplace is hostile or threatening, study finds - LA Times - Los Angeles Times

$5 million, here or there...Cal's version of "first things first"

Daily Cal just increased the dollar figure in an important headline - a story from a few days ago-from $15 million to $20 million:
"Campus unveils revenue-driven budget that cuts more than $20M from academic, research, administrative divisions"


60 Minutes -CBS rebroadcast that story on UCSF and "They're American workers who just lost their jobs to foreigners. Even worse, they were told to train their replacements. #60Minutes, "
"But it did happen, to Craig and Dawn and Leo and workers at hundreds of companies across the country. Former head of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, now president of the University of California, faced a huge public outcry when she got rid of those 80 IT jobs at the Medical Center. She declined to give us an on camera interview, but stated publicly that the university, quote "didn't use the H-1B process in the right way." She instructed the Indian-outsourcing company to stop using H-1B workers.
But that comes too late for Kurt Ho and Robert Harrison. February 28th they packed up – their final day at the Medical Center.

Robert Harrison: It's gonna be a matter of time before everybody else feels the same burden, the same pinch, the same hurt that we're feeling right here at UCSF. It's a matter of time.

After our story, UCSF wrote us and said that it regrets the decision to ask some of its workers to train their replacements. Quote ''it was a mistake, and… the university intends for this to never happen again.'' The Trump administration announced some H-1B visa reforms, that tighten who can qualify for a visa, and increase the scrutiny of companies who sponsor visa holders."

-the University intends for just what exactly to never happen again... Do they just regret the 'train your replacement' part? Or?
Now more on cuts, budget at Cal

"Budget cuts hit Berkeley Law after scandal, drop in ranking"

"UC Berkeley Extension targeted for increased revenue"



Cutting teams on the table as Cal Athletics looks to cut deficit, budget reveals


Cal hires $92,000-a-year social worker for People’s Park homeless

"UC Berkeley has just hired a $92,000-a-year social worker — not to help students, but to deal with the intractable homeless problem at People’s Park.

Includes: ..."Now, newly promoted Chancellor Carol Christ, under pressure to deal with a campus housing shortage, has embraced a task force recommendation to explore building on several university-owned sites that include People’s Park.

She’s running into resistance from activists who promise a fight to preserve the park’s counterculture legacy. So Christ’s “vision for the park” includes not only student dorms, but also supportive housing for the homeless — plus open space and some sort of memorial “honoring the park’s historical past.”

But “first things first,” said campus spokesman Dan Mogulof. He said Christ has made it clear that the university’s first obligation is “to work with the city to address ... safety and the homeless situation in the park.”

And that starts with the social worker, who quietly began his two-year assignment July 17. According to Mogulof, he’s “in the process of assessing the needs of the park’s homeless population” in hopes of connecting them to “social and health services.”


Chrissy Roth-Francis, director of new student services, told us her people talk to the new arrivals “about safety throughout the orientation ... but no specific place, on or off campus, is highlighted.”

If the chancellor’s new vision for the park is ...
UC policy comes up in: " "Consider the news story last week that former UC Berkeley chancellor Nicholas Dirks will be paid $434,000 through the next academic year, more than 80 percent of the pay he received when he was campus’s top administrator — even though Dirks won’t take up a teaching position on campus until fall 2018. When he becomes a fulltime professor he’ll be paid $237,300 a year.

We aren’t questioning Dirks’ right to a sabbatical, just as we aren’t proposing somehow decreasing government employees’ already earned pensions.

But something is out of whack in our state, where government pensions, benefits and salaries are far beyond what most working people in the private sector could ever hope for."

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Napolitano on DACA, IX, more

See:"Janet Napolitano: Congress has the power — and the responsibility — to protect the ‘dreamers'"


Also in: http://www.syracuse.com/su-news/index.ssf/2017/08/syracuse_university_bound_by_federal_law_sometimes_investigate_sex_crimes_withou.html
Includes: "Janet Napolitano, president of the University of California, wrote an essay in 2015 criticizing the expanded interpretation of Title IX. ..."
"The new interpretation of Title IX puts campus... "
- it leaves out some of her more recent comments on it...but does include quotes from Cal alumni as well.
Then see

This new CA Leg:



"such perks help make California’s premier public university system look a lot tougher on student and family budgets than it is on its own."

It is a UC perk , not just a UC Berkeley perk:
"Editorial: UC Berkeley perks are part of the problem"
"Former UC Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks worried in the Washington Post last week that the battles over provocative speech that defined the end of his tumultuous tenure were “part of a broader assault on the idea of the university itself.” He argued that this especially threatens “public universities such as Berkeley that already grapple with precipitous declines in state funding” and contributes to a “loss of faith ... in values and institutions.”

"Speaking of precarious faith in and financing of public universities, it also emerged last week"
"university survey of other institutions found that most provide paid leave to top administrators returning to faculty jobs. The terms vary, however, and UC’s are among the most generous of the bunch. Moreover, the university has granted extended vacations even to administrators who have resigned in scandal in recent years. As a public system under the social and financial pressures Dirks noted, the university should reconsider what it can afford."

The 'leave it to the trustees and regents' plan?!-- See:
Berkeley Chancellor Dirks Mischaracterizes Goldwater Proposal
National Review

"proposal works by drawing state university trustees more deeply into the management of free-speech related issues. And of course, trustees are a public university’s rightful governing body. With administrative mishandling of campus free-speech an entirely legitimate matter of public concern, it’s time for university trustees to step up and act as a check on administrative abuse."

Friday, August 11, 2017

University of California Owes More Than $1.3 Million in Underpaid Wages

See: UC owes $1.3 million to thousands of underpaid employees

"University of California has reached a $1.3 million settlement with the U.S. Department of Labor over a payroll issue that resulted in thousands of non-academic employees being routinely underpaid by small dollar amounts on each paycheck."

"after uncovering the problem during the switch to its troubled new payroll system. Incompatible timekeeping methods across its 10 campuses, the university said, led to regular failures in calculating overtime pay for hourly workers.

The agreement, reached in May, covers operations from 2014 through 2016"
", UC will make a tiny adjustment to its overtime rate until it finishes the payroll transition. It will also not seek to claw back any money from an unspecified number of workers who were slightly overpaid during the same period. The university said it did not quantify the total amount that was overpaid, "

Thursday, August 10, 2017

UC Berkeley "cuts $15M from academic, research, administrative divisions"

UC Berkeley "Campus unveils revenue-driven budget that cuts $15M from academic, research, administrative divisions"




August 16, 2017
12:30 pm
Health Services Committee (closed session)
Agenda – Closed Session
Action Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of April 13, 2017
H1(X) Discussion Conflicts of Interest in the Health Enterprise: Legal Implications
and Options
Closed Session Statute Citation: Litigation [Education Code §92032(b)(5)]
H2(X) Discussion Salary Adjustment Using Non-State Funds for
Chief Executive Officer, UC San Diego Health System,
San Diego Campus
Closed Session Statute Citation: Personnel matters [Education Code §92032(b)(7)]
H3(X) Discussion Salary Adjustments Using Non-State Funds for Certain Members
of the Senior Management Group within the UC Health System

1:15 pm
Health Services Committee (open session - includes public comment session)

Agenda – Closed Session
Action Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of April 13, 2017
H1(X) Discussion Conflicts of Interest in the Health Enterprise: Legal Implications
and Options
Closed Session Statute Citation: Litigation [Education Code §92032(b)(5)]

H2(X) Discussion Salary Adjustment Using Non-State Funds for
Chief Executive Officer, UC San Diego Health System,
San Diego Campus
Closed Session Statute Citation: Personnel matters [Education Code §92032(b)(7)]

H3(X) Discussion Salary Adjustments Using Non-State Funds for Certain Members
of the Senior Management Group within the UC Health System

Open session

H3 Action Approval of Salary Adjustments Using Non-State Funds for
Certain Members of the Senior Management Group within the UC
Health System as Discussed in Closed Session

H4 Discussion Overview of Health Professions Education Foundation

H5 Discussion UC Health Affiliations: Report on Quality Standards for
Brand Extension

H6 Discussion UCLA Health Budget Overview, Los Angeles Campus

What's 'covered' or 'not covered' in UC student athlete free speech?

See, listen to coach 12 minute interview where the subject comes up throughout:

It was follow-up to this interview pointed to yesterday:

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Those numbers, those claims..

California colleges full of hungry students
A new Urban Institute study on food insecurity aims to measure just how many college students go hungry.


Diversity rising at UC Santa Cruz decades after affirmative action ban

- includes a chart of comparison numbers, but only for that one campus not at each UC campus...
Epic Move: UC San Diego Health Transitions to Cloud Technology

"UC San Diego Health will also share its EMR system with UC Irvine Health starting this November.
Additionally, Christopher Longhurst, MD, chief information officer at UC San Diego Health, is the sponsoring executive for the development of a UC Health-wide data warehouse, integrating patient data across the UC’s five academic health systems, which together comprise the fourth largest health care system in California."

What could possibly go wrong?

"a reward for incompetence" - Reward for failure to articulate systemwide cognizance of total remuneration...

UC Berkeley ex-chancellor to receive $434,000 while on leave
..."Last year, The Chronicle revealed that UC Berkeley had allowed a former vice chancellor to receive the salary perk even though the former executive had been forced out of the administrative position for violating UC’s sexual harassment policy."
"Three major problems characterized his tenure: a $150 million budget deficit the campus is still trying to eliminate, a series of sexual harassment scandals, and the death of a football player whose medical condition was all but ignored by the athletics department. UC Berkeley admitted liability and paid the family a $4.75 million settlement."
Former UC Berkeley chancellor to earn $434,000 in paid time off

"Nicholas Dirks, the former UC Berkeley chancellor who stepped down earlier this year amid a string of controversies, will receive more than $400,000 during a year off before he returns to teaching next fall.

As chancellor for four years, Dirks earned almost $532,000. During his year-long sabbatical, in accordance with UC policy, he’ll receive $434,000 of that figure, a UC spokeswoman confirmed. Had he served five years as chancellor, he would have received the full amount.

“As is usual practice, UC Berkeley will pay his compensation during this leave, which lasts through June 2018,” the spokeswoman, Dianne Klein, wrote in an email.

The practice might be standard but it doesn’t make sense to some faculty. “What’s there to say? It’s ridiculous, but is in keeping with a history of not thinking or caring about what’s good for the university,” Michael Eisen, a genetics professor at UC Berkeley, wrote in an email.

“Even though it’s part of his contract, this looks like a reward for incompetence,” said Michael Burawoy, chair of the Berkeley Faculty Association. “It is an appalling commentary on the distribution of benefits at a time of supposed fiscal crisis and when many students can barely scrape together a living. He should contribute half his salary to a fund for homeless students.”

Dirks, whose tenure as chancellor at UC Berkeley was plagued by controversy surrounding his handling of campus sexual assault cases and the school’s budget deficit, will spend the year attending conferences, giving lectures and working on a book about the history and future of higher education, said a UC Berkeley spokeswoman, Janet Gilmore.

The year-long break is intended to provide paid time off “to transition from being a full-time administrator to a full-time academic professor,” Gilmore added.

During the 2018-19 school year, Dirks will begin teaching in the Division of Social Sciences at Cal. He’ll earn a little more than $237,300 in that role.

According to Klein, the UC spokeswoman, granting former chancellors a sabbatical “is common among public and private universities in the United States and, at UC helps to compensate for the lower salaries that our chancellors receive.”"


What do UC Chancellors receive as total remuneration? Would they have those outside board seats if they were NOT higher ed admin or UC Chancellors? Recall:
"“Oh, my God,” Howard said. “If these two chancellors have so much free time that they are able to earn $1 million and $400,000 while moonlighting, maybe we should cut their pay and use it to help people priced out of the University of California.”

New UC Davis Chancellor Gary May earns $325780 a year from outside board seats - Sacramento Bee


Former chancellor Nicholas Dirks to be paid $434K while on leave
The Daily Californian
Read some harrowing accounts:
For many UC Berkeley students, affordable housing is elusive

P.S. New Dirks op ed in WaPo is full of irony, he could not get his administration's act together on how to handle Title IX-and other issues- but he has a lot of words on:
""The real issue in the campus speech debate: The university is under assault"

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

VII of IX? More

Reuters: "Google executives over the weekend rushed to denounce an engineer's memo that ascribed ... qualifications of people based on race or gender" could fall under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act"

Not much discussion on how the Title VII involved in that SV memo could tie in to culture and governance approach toward Title IX at one of their main synergistic/collaboration/feeder schools: the farm... A point of origin and where some of their staff teach courses, studied at, etc.
See also:


"Prior to joining Google, Coligado said she experienced a lot of what others had warned her about in the tech industry, including sexual harassment. In 2014, she started a blog while an undergraduate at Stanford University called "Women in Silicon Valley" to celebrate women who've stayed in tech "despite the macro and micro aggressions." She continues to work on the blog, even recruiting a team of three other Googlers to help with it. They post twice a month. "The point is to show their resilience."


And on that same topic, this update on a high profile story there:
That ends on this note:
"For the first time, two of the four senior associate deans at Stanford’s business school are women. Another: The business school is no longer No. 1. In the latest U.S. News rankings, it has slipped to a three-way tie for fourth."

there's also

UCLA QB on "Look, football and school don't go together. They just don't. Trying to do both is like trying to do two full-time jobs.", More:


Cal football treats players poorly

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Anybody Visionary?

Sunday talk got into Higher Ed:


I think it's a combination. And it's partly because they have this republican president who is not really a republican and not really a conservative. And what Jeff Flake was talking about is that he voted against prescription drugs. He voted against the George W. Bush proposals that busted the budget in his view.

He views himself as a real conservative. He's making a distinction between conservatism and populism. And I think that's a good conversation to have for Republicans as well as Democrats. What you're seeing, David, in your precinct and elsewhere, and we certainly see in West Virginia which is, you know, ground zero of Trump country is anger against elites. People feeling that they've been passed over.

Anger, you know, you see the stats on anger against elite colleges even among those who are college educated. Extraordinary. So it's anger against all of us, the media as well. And Trump has just tapped into that. And I really appreciated that Jeff Flake said the, "Lock her up," you know, those cries at the Republican Convention by Michael Flynn, no less, were—the call and response was really a nadir of what I view as the Republican party."


Because I was talking about the importance of character in politics. And an Ivy League law student, conservative, told me I was an ivory tower conservative. I mean, which makes no sense.


That's the right wing talking point now. I mean, that's a very clear--


--And you're an Iraq war veteran.


Right. Right.


--On top of everything else.


But I will say this about the college and university piece. And I'm sure we'll get to this later, nobody made up the Berkeley Riots. Nobody made up the attacks on, you know, on Charles Murray at Middlebury. The craziness at Evergreen State College. I mean, these things are actually happening. And they do really cast appall.


They're actually happening. But also young people who are first-generation college students--


That's right.


--are going to college and having more opportunity than they ever would have had. But it's just that the ring-wing media is focusing on making a national story out of a speaker coming to campus.


And there are free speech--


And so it's a distortion of what's happening on college campuses today.


--throughout the Ivy League and elsewhere and the elite schools, there are free speech mandates really to permit these speakers. It is, as Heather points out, just the sort of the outliers who get focus.

Then later -our president of the UC Regents:

"GOV. JERRY BROWN: It happened because the global economy is changing. America is losing manufacturing jobs both to foreign countries, but also to technology, automation, innovation, and all of that. So we're going through a real transition. If you look at democratic countries around the world, whether it's South Korea or Brazil or in Europe, there's a lot of discontent.

And that discontent is because, I believe, that the foundations, the very basis of our expectations, particularly working people, people in the middle class, people in more vulnerable positions, highly insecure. And what do you do about that? They're skeptical of more government because governments in power have been presiding while people's life chances have deteriorated.

In America, college education has gone from essentially free to now we have a trillion dollars of debt. Home prices are out of the reach of many people. And jobs, downward mobility, insecurity, and all the rest of it. This is a global phenomenon, and Democrats have been the champion of working people, and they haven't been able to deliver in face of these global trends. And, yes, you'd have to say that leadership has not been clever enough, or strong enough, or perhaps visionary enoug


Let's get some 'visionary'...

More coverage of intl angle, see:

And then,

remember it's tie in to domestic angle too:
"Still, Sanders’ bill sets the stage for a larger debate over drug pricing, particularly because it targets federal agencies as well as nonprofits funded by federal grants. If such a law were in place, the government would have more power to regulate major new technologies like CRISPR, the gene-engineering technique that, according to reports this month, has been used to edit a human embryo.

“This is a really big deal,” Jamie Love, the director of KEI, told HuffPost on Monday morning. “This means that the public, who pays for the research and development of a number of drugs, vaccines and other medical technologies, will pay lower prices for inventions that they subsidized.”"

They're gonna try and get into the intricacies over two li'l wee days at Cal:

Aug. 16-17 CRISPRcon to focus on societal issues of gene editing


In headlines:
"New law requires CSU to tell students cost of off-campus housing"

"Assemblyman Freddie Rodriguez, D-Pomona (Los Angeles County) authored AB990, saying the University of California and California State University systems are using estimates that don’t reflect current market rates, leaving students and families without key information when calculating how much it will cost to attend a university.
AB990 requires each campus in the CSU and requests each campus in the UC to post on their websites the market cost of a one-bedroom apartment near each campus using estimates done on an annual basis. Most campuses already post off-campus costs on their websites, but each calculate it differently, with CSU relying on a survey from 2006 that is adjusted for inflation while UC uses a survey of UC students to estimate housing costs every three years."


More coverage of:
University of California endowment revamps asset allocation in turn to more private assets

Some Op Ed:



Napolitano in Aspen in non UC capacity on:

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Bad timing for admissions debacles...


Message from UCI Chancellor about current admission issues
Withdrawals to be reversed for majority of affected students

"Chancellor Howard Gillman is issuing the following statement regarding current admissions issues at the University of California, Irvine:

The stories of our students whose college dreams were crushed by our decision to withdraw admissions to hundreds of students are heartbreaking. And unacceptable.

This process is not working. We are a university recognized for advancing the American Dream, not impeding it. This situation is rocking us to our core because it is fundamentally misaligned with our values.

I must step in and change our direction. Effective immediately, all students who received provisional acceptances into UCI will be fully admitted, except those whose transcripts clearly indicate that they did not meet our academic standards. Those standards are: No Ds or Fs their senior year; a senior-year grade point average of at least 3.0; completion of all A-G requirements outlined by the University of California; and required test scores as indicated on the students’ admission portals.

Even for students whose transcripts show that these requirements were not met, we will establish an expedited process to allow students to make the case for extenuating circumstances, and otherwise will work with students to identify other possible pathways into the university.

We’re trying to understand how we under-estimated the number of students who planned to enroll this fall. We’re also trying to understand why we chose to notify students in an insensitive way or couldn’t answer their telephone calls adequately. I intend to find out so this will never happen again. I directed our internal auditor to review the admissions process and suggest areas for improvement. I plan to have a preliminary report within 60 days.

In closing, the students and their families have my personal, sincerest apology. We should not have treated you this way over a missed deadline.

We will welcome all of our wonderful students who worked so hard to satisfy the requirements for UCI admission, and as we move forward we will do everything we can to earn the trust and loyalty of our community."
The timing...
"Statement of UC President Janet Napolitano on public university admissions
UC Office of the President
August 2, 2017

University of California President Janet Napolitano today (August 2) issued the following statement on public university admissions, in light of media reports:

Over the years public universities have been the one tried and true tactic for addressing issues of inequality in our country. Thus, UC has been increasing its outreach efforts to historically underrepresented groups like Latinos and African Americans, while still bound to the strictures of Proposition 209, which bars consideration of race or ethnicity in granting admission. It would be tragic, to say the least, if these efforts somehow ran afoul of this reported misguided Justice Department initiative. "

Statement by UC Davis Chancellor Gary S. May on Public University Admissions



And Variety with:

"Janet Napolitano, the president of the University of California, said that the UC system has been increasing its outreach to Latino and African American students, but it is still bound by California’s Proposition 209, which prohibits consideration of race and ethnicity in admissions. “It would be tragic, to say the least, if these efforts somehow ran afoul of this reported misguided Justice Department initiative,” she said."

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

UC Regents Meet August 3 on their response to upcoming report

On this

Date: August 3, 2017
Time: 11:00 a.m.1
Location: (multiple)
Agenda – Closed Session
C1(X) Discussion State Audit of University of California – Contracted Employees
and Contracting Practices"

On this upcoming report to be released:
2016-125 - University of California—Contracted Employees and Contracting Practices
Est. Release Date: August 2017

Are former and current UC Chancellors worth it?

But first this on the C Inv O at UCOP: "Money-Manager Purge Boosts University of California's Return"


"The university’s largest union, Local 3299 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, is skeptical about the push to increase alternatives and issued a report last year criticizing the fees that were paid for poor-performing hedge funds.

The chief investment office “has taken some welcomed steps, but it has not gone far enough to correct its decade-long, failed hedge fund experiment,” Claudia Preparata, a research director at the union, said in an email. “Everyone pays the price, but the burden is felt most by UC’s most vulnerable workers, its lowest-paid front-line staff.”

The investment office said the portfolio changes will help it cut the management fees it pays to fund companies by $500 million over the next five years, according to the July presentation. Some of that will come from renegotiating lower fees from hedge fund managers as well as imposing performance targets that funds must reach before they can be paid"

No quotes from UCI Chancellor?

-Remember last year lots of chancellor raises

In any response he has on wall to wall national and international coverage of UCI on this issue?

- but chancellor names are always attached to any article on new donor money...

"Why did UC-Irvine rescind hundreds of admissions offers? Here's what we know"


Irvine Revokes 500 Admissions Offers
Many suspect they are being punished for the university ending up with a much larger than expected freshman class.


"Ting rips UC for withdrawing admission to hundreds at Irvine"

"Ting criticized UC officials for poorly communicating with the affected students, who were informed of their admissions withdrawals and rights to appeal through an email and notice that was posted on their private student portal.
“Instead of taking the initiative to effectively communicate with students making life changing decisions, Irvine played a high stakes gotcha game with students,” Ting said in a statement. “Sadly, this fiasco is not an isolated incident.”
Two years ago, a similar incident at UC Santa Cruz resulted in hundreds of students being told their admission had been revoked. After lawmakers intervened, UC officials promised they would ensure it did not happen again.
“Back then, university officials said they would pursue system-wide admissions reform so students would not be left alone to twist in the wind with their college aspirations on hold,” Ting said. “This repeat of history suggests nothing was done and students are paying the price. I urge President Janet Napolitano to intervene so all qualified students have a spot at Irvine and to adopt admissions reforms across all campuses. A world class university system does not nickel and dime students like this.”"

-Did UCSC chancellor Blumenthal tell or work with UCOP on how to avoid the problem going forward?


"New UCD chancellor starts work; his predecessor still gets paid $318K"

"UC Davis’ Katehi will teach one course per quarter, conduct research in $318,000 position"

How much is Cal's Dirks getting? -and for what kind of unit/class teaching research load?- or the year sabbatical at full chancellor salary?

Friday, July 28, 2017

Forget about it?

UC Irvine rescinds 500 admissions for upcoming fall semester

Chancellor May Takes Office Aug. 1

Referred to as : Chancellor whatshisname here last Nov

Sac Bee now has this:
UC Davis’ Linda Katehi returns to teaching, but she’ll be paid like a chancellor

Here's crispr round up:

Report: Scientists edit human embryos for first time in US


About That "First Gene-Edited Human Embryos" Story.....


CRISPR pioneer Jennifer Doudna struggles with the ethical implications of what she has wrought - LA Times
"Some reviews of “A Crack in Creation” have expressed disappointment, even resentment, that Doudna did not take an uncompromising stance against human experimentation or editing of the germline. “When it is time to ‘grapple with tricky ethical issues,’” complained Nathaniel Comfort of Johns Hopkins University in Nature, she resorts to “a series of rhetorical questions.”

Doudna responds: “The truth is, I don’t have answers.” Indeed, phrases such as “I don’t know” occur more often in her conversation than one might expect coming from a scientist leading her field. But that’s because so little is still known about CRISPR’s capabilities and the human genome itself that almost all the important questions are rhetorical.

But scientists can’t answer those questions in isolation; the inquiry has to be societywide. There lies another problem underscored by CRISPR.

“There’s a disconnect between the scientific community and mainstream culture, a real degradation in trust by the public,” Doudna says. “Many scientists — I’m guilty of this too — find it much more fun to do the next experiment in the lab than to take the time to explain to nonspecialists what we do or how the scientific process actually works.” The lack of trust, however, will only make it harder for society at large to decide how far it’s willing to push ahead with a revolutionary technology."


And yep the patent battle updates:



Wednesday, July 19, 2017

"USC kept Puliafito on the medical school faculty... He also is a central witness in a $185-million lawsuit in which the University of California has accused USC of misconduct in its hiring away of a star researcher."

"Key to Keck’s rise in stature was Puliafito’s ability to headhunt the type of big-name researchers who brought grant money and prestige. He recruited more than 70 professors to Keck, according to a campus publication.

One of those coups was under intense scrutiny at the time of Puliafito’s resignation. In a court battle that is still playing out, the University of California filed suit in July 2015 against USC over its poaching of a leading Alzheimer’s disease researcher.

Puliafito was the self-described “quarterback” of efforts to land UC San Diego professor Paul Aisen, a star in the state university system.

Curing Alzheimer’s is a top priority for government agencies and pharmaceutical companies, and Aisen’s lab was overseeing groundbreaking research, including drug trials at 70 locations around the world. More than $340 million in funding was expected to flow to his lab, according to court records.

UC contended in its suit that its private school rival went beyond the bounds of academic recruiting by targeting professors and labs based on grant funding. The suit accused USC of civil conspiracy, aiding and abetting breach of fiduciary duty and other misconduct.

USC denied any wrongdoing and countersued for defamation and other claims. At the time Puliafito stepped down, UC had yet to question him under oath.

A UC lawyer deposed the former dean in September 2016, and asked about his resignation. A USC attorney objected to the question as “vague” and “overbroad.” Puliafito ultimately answered that he had a “unique opportunity” to work in private industry and that he was on sabbatical from his faculty position."

Monday, July 17, 2017

Oh lots of things,

No shortage of important Higher Ed news:

"The UC application process is changing — and some people don’t like it
Schools will be able to ask students who are on the bubble for additional information, including the letters"


"The real difference between the US and British systems is that Great Britain can still easily fix its higher education mistake. Instead of tweaking interest rates or income repayment thresholds, it should cut tuition to zero, replace all lost revenue with teaching grants, restore maintenance grants, and buy down the £100m in student debt.

Last week this piece from an editorial board:
..."It’s not a distant Beltway issue. The ouster of Nicholas Dirks as UC Berkeley chancellor was partly due to his inept handling of a"...

The issue is all over higher ed and msm press in recent coverage, here's some of it:











The "recurring dilemma nowadays of public facilities bearing the names of dignitaries whose once-acceptable values conflict fundamentally with those since to evolve,"


The moral case for renaming Hastings College of the Law


"The law partners of Hastings & Boalt"

Higher ed history is in this but not covered in this?

Friday, July 14, 2017

Coverage of UC Regents July Meeting

During the UC Regents board session on : Thursday Regent Makarechian seemed to claim responsibility for submitting and posting of that controversial F7 item- which was partially pulled from the regents agenda prior to the meeting. Regent M said he placed it on the agenda, as an action item right off the bat no less, in order for the regents to " make the Governor and the CA Leg pay attention"-- but no one explained the reason the item on student athletes welfare was pulled...
The final item UC Regents discussed in the last hour of the Thursday session was : UC PATH and it seems there's some revisionist history that was at play , so that's a 'don't miss' section of the meeting...

Some of the coverage from this month's meeting:
UC Board of Regents passes budget, debates new HR program

describing UC PATH like this:..."Regents also discussed the UCPath program, which aims to institute a streamlined administrative system for UC employee payroll and human resources to replace the 11 separate systems currently in place. According to UCPath presenters, the program was designed to decrease costs.

In 2015, UCPath assumed responsibility for UCOP salaries, a total of about 1,800 employees — the first major test and implementation of the program.

The cost of the program drew criticism from several board members. In reference to the program’s goal of reducing costs, one regent asked, “Where are those savings?” Another expressed similar concern, remarking that “it looks like we’ve gone from UCPath to the long and winding road.”

Supporters of the program argued that the bulk of the cost is in the initial development.

UC President Janet Napolitano supported the program, stating at the meeting that she believes it is on track and “will be an essential part of the structural governance of the university.”"

-And this accurate?: "The program’s forecasted cost is about $500 million. As of May 31, the actual costs were already more than $300 million."

The program’s forecasted cost is about $500 million. " - was that the forecast when the project launched?


UC Regents discuss UCOP audit implementation, student climate


UC Regents Approve President's Budget, Question Constitutionality of Legislative Control
..."Kieffer said the university has asked outside counsel to weigh in on the constitutionality of the move. The change is authorized only for one year, but Los Angeles state Sen. Ed Hernandez has introduced a constitutional amendment that would enshrine stricter legislative control over the UC system in the state’s constitution.

Kieffer said the university brought some of these issues on itself with its previous lax budget practices and that it must communicate better with state lawmakers to improve things.

“I hope by doing our jobs right, this will be a onetime occurrence,” Kieffer said. “Because if it’s not, we’ve got a problem.”

In wake of critical audit, UC regents take a close look at president's budget

"...The regents also voiced concern over the directive from Gov. Jerry Brown and the Legislature for UC to enroll 1,500 more California undergraduates in 2018-19 — without any guarantee of how much the state would chip in to cover the additional per-student cost of enrollment.

Napolitano called that directive “fairly astonishing,” but said the state has asked UC to identify plans to pay for that growth by December.

In the end, the regents unanimously approved Napolitano’s budget and praised the staff for its clear and detailed presentation.

“This is miles from what we’ve ever seen before,” regent John A. Pérez said.

In other action Thursday, the regents approved a proposal to allow all campuses to invite letters of recommendation for up to 15% of applicants in cases where more information is needed to make an admissions decision."
Both Southern Cal appointments- in addition (to all possibly not legally appointed) UC Regents committee chairs exclusively from Southern Cal based as well-

"UC regents name new provost, chief compliance officer"

and also note at the UC Regents table: male appointees replacing women in leadership, also all male student regents and student advisors, and all male staff advisors appointed as well.

UC names Alexander A. Bustamante chief compliance and audit officer

Regents choose LAPD inspector general for UC system oversight role

UC Santa Barbara's Michael Brown appointed provost of UC system

And keep in mind that the regents have also hired three new firms
One to look at the UCOP senior staff tampering with campuses responses to state auditor allegationsp

One to look at if audit recommendations are being implemented

One, or at least one, unnamed outside legal counsel to look at UC and CA constitutional autonomy that Kieffer alluded to...

UC gets OK to ask some applicants for letters of recommendation
San Francisco Chronicle

UC regents panel backs limited use of letters of recommendation at campuses systemwide
Los Angeles Times

UC Regents Recap

Thursday, July 13, 2017

UC Regents Meet July 13


Thursday, July 13
8:30 am
Location: Robertson Auditorium
Agenda – Closed Session
Action Approval of the Minutes of the Special Meeting of May 11
and the Meeting of May 18, 2017
Committee Reports Including Approval of Recommendations from Committees:
Academic and Student Affairs Committee
Appointment of Regents Professor, Department of Political Science, 
Los Angeles Campus
Closed Session Statute Citation: Personnel matters 
[Education Code §92032(b)(7)]
Compliance and Audit Committee
Recommended Settlements for Board Action
Closed Session Statute Citation: Litigation [Education Code §92032(b)(5)]
Finance and Capital Strategies Committee
Closed Session Statute Citation: Litigation [Education Code §92032(b)(5)]
Governance and Compensation Committee
Conferral of Emerita Title on Provost and Executive Vice
President – Academic Affairs, Office of the President
Conferral of Emeritus Title on Chancellor, Berkeley Campus
Closed Session Statute Citations: Personnel matters 
[Education Code §92032(b)(7)]
Nomination of officers and members 
[Education Code §92032(e)] 
Collective bargaining matters 
[Government Code §3596(d)]
Investments Subcommittee
Closed Session Statute Citation: Personnel matters [Education Code §92032(b)(7)]
Officers’ and President’s Reports:
Report of Interim, Concurrence, and Committee Actions
Closed Session Statute Citations: Litigation [Education Code §92032(b)(5)]
Acquisition or disposition of property 
[Education Code §92032(b)(6)]
9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Agenda – Open Session 
Public Comment2
Roll Call 
Approval of the Minutes of the special meeting of May 11, 2017 and the meeting of May 18,
Annual Report from the Council of University of California Staff Assemblies 
Committee Reports Including Approval of Recommendations from Committees: 
Academic and Student Affairs Committee
Establishment of Policy on Augmented Review in Undergraduate Admissions
Compliance and Audit Committee
Approval of Ethics and Compliance Program Plan for 2017-18
Approval of Internal Audit Plan for 2017-18
 All times indicated and the order of business are approximate and subject to change. 
This session is for the purpose of receiving public comment on University-related matters. If you wish to address 
the Board, you may sign up to do so at the meeting. You are encouraged to inform the Secretary and Chief of Staff 
of your intent in advance of the meeting by calling (510) 987-9220. The University of California subscribes to the 
Americans with Disabilities Act. If you need reasonable accommodation, please contact the Secretary and Chief of 
Staff’s Office by 10 a.m. on Thursday, July 6, 2017. 
In fairness to all who wish to address the Board, each speaker must abide by the individual time limit allotted and 
announced at the convening of the session. At the end of the allotted time, each speaker will be asked to yield to the 
next one. The custom is to provide up to three minutes to each speaker. Three or more speakers may pool their time 
to provide up to seven minutes for a group representative. Depending on the number of those on the sign-up list, the 
amount of time per speaker may be reduced and there is no guarantee that all individuals who do sign up will be able to address the regents.

Finance and Capital Strategies Committee (includes meeting of June 21, 2017)
Consent Agenda 
A. Fiscal Year 2017-18 Budget for the University of California Office of the 
B. Amendment of Regents Policy 6102: General Endowment Pool Statement 
Appendix 1
Approval of Budget and External Financing, Nuevo East Student Housing Project, 
San Diego Campus
Approval of Budget and External Financing, North Torrey Pines Living and 
Learning Neighborhood, San Diego Campus
Approval of Preliminary Plans and Working Drawings Funds, Ridge Walk 
Academic Complex, San Diego Campus
Approval of Funding Re-Allocation for Housing 
Authorization to Increase the University Employer Contribution Rate and Make 
Additional Contributions for the University of California Retirement Plan and 
Rescind the 70 Percent Floor for the University’s Aggregate Annual Contribution 
to the Retiree Health Benefit Program
Governance and Compensation Committee
Approval of Appointment of and Compensation for Senior Vice President and 
Chief Compliance and Audit Officer as Discussed in Closed Session
Approval of Appointment of and Compensation for Provost and Executive Vice 
President – Academic Affairs, Office of the President as Discussed in Closed 
Appointments to Standing Committees and Subcommittees for 2017-18 for 
Regents, Regents-designate, and Faculty Representatives 
Health Services Committee (meeting of June 21, 2017)
Investments Subcommittee
Amendment of Regents Policy 6102: General Endowment Pool Statement 
Appendix 1 (Benchmarks)
Public Engagement and Development Committee
National Laboratories Subcommittee
Allocation of Los Alamos National Security, LLC and Lawrence Livermore 
National Security, LLC Fee Income to be Expended in Fiscal Year 2017-18
Resolution in Appreciation 
B1 Discussion 2017 University of California Accountability Report
B2 Discussion UCPath Update
B3 Action Fiscal Year 2017-18 Budget for the University of California Office of 
the President 
Officers’ and President’s Reports:
Report of Interim, Concurrence, and Committee Actions
Report of Materials Mailed Between Meetings

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

UC now more USCish? It's the healthcare stup--?

This type of coverage to start the UC regents meeting week

"UC Board of Regents adds experts in sports management, media, arms control, finance"
Los Angeles Times

"UC regents, with four new members, plan to debate budget, admissions..."

- the UC regents now have an exclusively All Southern Cal based committee chairs representation of board leadership...
While SF Chron raised this concern: http://www.sfchronicle.com/education/article/For-decades-UC-has-selected-board-of-regents-11209660.php

*No news in the above of the F7 agenda item being placed as action item then pulled*
- on UC shared governance failures and UC retire healthcare benefits.


And some in the Leg with this view: "I urge the UC Regents to reject the upcoming proposed UCOP budget increase. Get the UCOP’s budget in order first. "


And, btw Fac Rep Chalfant put state audit on blast in the morning board session in (an attempt to take focus off findings?) this was his last meeting as Fac rep( replaced by White?)

It was a weird 'shake it off' display in some comments in the morning board session

with a lack of public comment, only four public comments then they broke into committee meetings
Several regents not present at start of today's regents meeting

Newsom on the East coast with this:

As a major concern in all types of media: "Ironically, all this worrying about the affordability of staying well can harm your health:"
It's more profitable to be a UC med school campus...

UC Regents July 12

See: http://regents.universityofcalifornia.edu/meetings/agendas/july17.html

Wednesday, July 12
8:30 am
Board (open session - includes public comment session) (pdf) Location: Robertson Auditorium
Concurrent Meetings

9:30 am
Public Engagement and Development Committee (open session) (pdf) Location: Fisher Banquet Room

Agenda – Open Session
Action Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of May 17, 2017

P1 Discussion Discussion of a Public Outreach Campaign

P2 Discussion State Government Relations Update

P3 Discussion Community Outreach and Impacts, San Francisco Campus

Committee Membership for open session: Regents Blum, Lansing (Vice Chair), Lozano (Chair), Mancia,
Monge, Ortiz Oakley, Pattiz, and Reiss; Ex officio members
Brown, Kieffer, and Napolitano; Advisory member White;
Chancellors Block, Christ, Hawgood, Leland, Wilcox; Interim Hexter

9:30 am
Compliance and Audit Committee (open session) (pdf)Location: Robertson Auditorium
Agenda – Open Session

Action Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of May 17, 2017

C1 Action Approval of Ethics and Compliance Program Plan for 2017-18

C2 Action Approval of Internal Audit Plan for 2017-18

C3 Discussion Update on 60-Day Status Report on Implementation of
Recommendations from State Audit of University of California Office
of the President Administrative Expenditures

Committee membership for Open session: Regents De La Peña, Elliott (Vice Chair), Lemus, Makarechian,
Newsom, Pérez, Sherman, Varner, and Zettel (Chair); Ex officio
members Brown and Kieffer; Advisory member Chalfant;
Chancellors Blumenthal, Gillman, Khosla, and Yang; Staff advisor Valdry

Compliance and Audit Committee (closed session) (pdf)Location: Robertson Auditorium

Date: July 12, 2017
Time: Upon adjournment of the open session meeting1
Location: Robertson Auditorium
UCSF–Mission Bay Conference Center
1675 Owens Street, San Francisco
Agenda – Closed Session
Action Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of May 17, 2017
C4(X) Action Recommended Settlements for Board Action
1. Adlouni, et al. v. REGENTS – Proposed Settlement –
Privacy – Los Angeles
2. Belliston v. Regents – Proposed Settlement – Medical
Malpractice – Los Angeles
3. Moreno v. Regents – Proposed Settlement – Medical
Malpractice – San Diego
4. Nguyen v. Regents – Proposed Settlement – Medical
Malpractice – Los Angeles
5. The Regents of the University of California v. Swinerton
Builders, Inc., Continental Casualty Company, Liberty
Mutual Insurance Company, United States Fidelity and
Guaranty Company – Proposed Settlement – Affirmative
Claim Recovery – Merced
Closed Session Statute Citation: Litigation [Education Code §92032(b)(5)]
C5(X) Discussion Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Litigation Overview
Closed Session Statute Citation: Litigation [Education Code §92032(b)(5)]
C6(X) Discussion Appellate, Trial Court Developments and Updates
1. ANDERSON v. REGENTS – Verdict for Regents –
Disability Discrimination – Davis Medical Center
Liability Phase of Trial Concluded in Regents’ Favor –
Breach of Contract and Patent Infringement – Davis
REGENTS, et al. – Judgment for Regents Affirmed –
Action to Compel Payment of Municipal Parking Taxes –
San Francisco
4. DE VRIES v. REGENTS – Petition for Certiorari Filed –
Taxpayer Injunction to Enjoin Nonresident Tuition
Exemption and Financial Aid for Undocumented
Immigrants – Systemwide
5. DOE v. REGENTS – Motion to Dismiss Denied – Student
Sexual Misconduct – Santa Barbara
6. DOE v. REGENTS – Appeal – Administrative Mandate
Challenging Student Discipline – Santa Barbara
7. DOE v. REGENTS, VIRATA – Adverse Ruling on Writ
Petition – Student Death Threats – Riverside
8. FERNANDEZ v. REGENTS – Preliminary Settlement
Approval Hearing Held – Consumer Privacy Statute – Los
9. GAO v. REGENTS – Trial Commencing – Medical
Malpractice – Irvine
BENGFORT – Complaint Filed – Employment
Discrimination – San Francisco
REGENTS – Case Settled and Dismissed – Corporations
Code Action Challenging Confinement of Pigs at State Fair
– Davis
12. JACOBS, et al. v. REGENTS, et al. – Judgment for
University Affirmed – Concealed Weapon Endorsements –
INC., et al. v. REGENTS, et al. – Motion to Dismiss
Granted with Leave to Amend – First Amendment – Los Angeles
14. LEFF, et al. v. REGENTS – Case Concluded – Public
Records Act – San Diego
15. MARTIN v. REGENTS – Defense Trial Verdict – Medical
Malpractice – Irvine
– Taxpayer Petition – San Francisco
17. NADAF-RAHROV v. REGENTS – Defense Trial Verdict
– Medical Malpractice – San Francisco
18. NIXON v. REGENTS – Oral Argument Scheduled –
Student Discipline – Santa Cruz
19. POLEQUAPTEWA v. REGENTS – Petition Denied –
Public Records Act – Irvine
20. POLLOCK v. REGENTS – Verdict in Favor of Plaintiffs –
Medical Malpractice – Los Angeles
Injunction Granted – Fraud – Systemwide
22. REGENTS v. LAKE – Phase 3 Trial Scheduled – Breach
of Contract (for Damages) and Peremptory Writ of
Mandate (to Compel the Processing and Payment of Valid
Claims for Medical Services) – Davis Health System
NAPOLITANO, et al. – Motion to Dismiss to be Filed –
Constitutional Claims Regarding Campus Speakers –
24. General Counsel’s Update on Pending or Threatened
Closed Session Statute Citation: Litigation [Education Code §92032(b)(5)]
C7(X) Information Settlements and Separation Agreements Under Delegated
Authority Reported from April 4, 2017 to June 2, 2017
Closed Session Statute Citation: Litigation [Education Code §92032(b)(5)]

Committee membership for closed session: Regents Brody (Vice Chair), De La Peña, Elliott, Makarechian,
Newsom, Pérez, Sherman, Varner, and Zettel (Chair); Ex officio
members Brown and Lozano; Advisory members Chalfant and
Monge; Chancellor Gillman

11:30 am
Governance and Compensation Committee (closed session) (pdf) Location: Robertson Auditorium
Agenda – Closed Session

Action Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of May 17, 2017

G1(X) Discussion Appointment of and Compensation for Senior Vice President and
Chief Compliance and Audit Officer, Office of the President
Closed Session Statute Citation: Personnel matters [Education Code §92032(b)(7)]

G2(X) Discussion Appointment of and Compensation for Provost and Executive Vice
President – Academic Affairs, Office of the President
Closed Session Statute Citation: Personnel matters [Education Code §92032(b)(7)]

G3(X) Action Appointment of Regents, Regents-Designate, and Faculty
Representatives to Standing Committees and Subcommittees for
Closed Session Statute Citation: Nomination of officers and members
[Education Code §92032(e)]

G4(X) Action Conferral of Emerita Title on Provost and Executive Vice
President – Academic Affairs, Office of the President

Closed Session Statute Citation: Personnel matters [Education Code §92032(b)(7)]
G5(X) Action Conferral of Emeritus Title on Chancellor, Berkeley Campus
Closed Session Statute Citation: Personnel matters [Education Code §92032(b)(7)]

G6(X) Discussion Collective Bargaining Matters
Closed Session Statute Citation: Collective bargaining matters
[Government Code §3596(d)]

Governance and Compensation Committee (open session) (pdf) Location: Robertson Auditorium
Agenda – Open Session
Action Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of May 17, 2017

G1 Action Approval of Appointment of and Compensation for
Senior Vice President and Chief Compliance and Audit Officer,
Office of the President as Discussed in Closed Session

G2 Action Approval of Appointment of and Compensation for Provost
and Executive Vice President – Academic Affairs, Office of the
President as Discussed in Closed Session

G3 Discussion Annual Reports on Compensated and Uncompensated Outside
Professional Activities for Calendar Year 2016, and Semi-
Annual Report on Outside Professional Activities Approved
between December 1, 2016 and May 31, 2017

Committee membership: Regents Blum, Elliott, Lansing, Ortiz Oakley (Vice Chair), Pattiz,
Pérez, Reiss (Chair), and Varner; Ex officio members Brown,
Kieffer, and Napolitano

12:15 pm

Concurrent Meetings

1:00 pm Academic and Student Affairs Committee (closed session) (pdf) Location: Fisher Banquet Room
Agenda – Closed Session

Action Approval of the Minutes of the Closed Meeting of January 25, 2017

A1(X) Action Appointment of Regents Professor, Department of Political Science,
Los Angeles Campus

Closed Session citation: Personnel matters [Education Code §92032(b)(7)]
Committee membership: Regents De La Peña, Elliott, Lansing, Lozano (Vice Chair),
Mancia, Monge, Newsom, Ortiz Oakley, Pattiz, Pérez (Chair),
Reiss, Rendon, and Zettel; Ex officio members Brown, Kieffer,
Napolitano, and Torlakson; Advisory member Chalfant;
Chancellors Block, Christ, Leland, Wilcox, and Yang

Academic and Student Affairs Committee (open session) (pdf) Location: Fisher Banquet Room
Agenda – Open Session

Action Approval of the Minutes of the meeting of May 17, 2017

A2 Discussion Graduate Well-Being Survey

A3 Discussion Accountability Sub-report on Diversity: Graduate Academic Student
Diversity Outcomes

A4 Action Establishment of Policy on Augmented Review in Undergraduate

A5 Discussion Update on Activity-Based Costing Pilot Studies

A6 Discussion Update on Regents Policy 3501: Student Athletes and Guiding

Principles to Enhance Student-Athlete Welfare

Committee membership: Regents De La Peña, Elliott, Lansing, Lozano (Vice Chair),
Mancia, Monge, Newsom, Ortiz Oakley, Pattiz, Pérez (Chair),
Reiss, Rendon, and Zettel; Ex officio members Brown, Kieffer,
Napolitano, and Torlakson; Advisory member Chalfant;
Chancellors Block, Christ, Leland, Wilcox, and Yang; Staff
Advisor Valdry

National Laboratories Subcommittee (open session) (pdf) Location: Fisher Banquet Room
Agenda – Open Session
Action Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting May 17, 2017

N1 Action Allocation of Los Alamos National Security, LLC and Lawrence
Livermore National Security, LLC Fee Income to be Expended in
Fiscal Year 2017-18

Committee Membership: Regents De La Peña (Vice Chair), Mancia, Napolitano, Newsom,
Ortiz Oakley, Pattiz (Chair), and Zettel; Ex officio member Pérez;
Chancellors Block, Christ, and Yang;

1:00 pm Finance and Capital Strategies Committee (closed session) (pdf) Location: Robertson Auditorium
Agenda – Closed Session
Action Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of May 17, 2017

F1(X) Discussion Update on the University’s Seismic Program
Closed Session Statute Citation: Litigation [Education Code §92032(b)(5)]

Finance and Capital Strategies Committee (open session) (pdf) Location: Robertson Auditorium
Agenda – Open Session

Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of May 17, 2017
Consent Agenda
A. Fiscal Year 2017-18 Budget for the University of
California Office of the President
B. Amendment of Regents Policy 6102: General
Endowment Pool Statement Appendix 1 (Benchmarks)

F3 Action Approval of Budget and External Financing, Nuevo East Student
Housing Project, San Diego Campus

F4 Action Approval of Budget and External Financing, North Torrey Pines
Living and Learning Neighborhood, San Diego Campus

F5 Action Approval of Preliminary Plans and Working Drawings Funds,
Ridge Walk Academic Complex, San Diego Campus

F6 Action Approval of Funding Reallocation for Housing Assistance

F7 Action Authorization to Increase the University Employer Contribution
Rate, and Make Additional Contributions to the University of
California Retirement Plan, and Rescind the 70 Percent Floor for
the University’s Aggregate Annual Contribution to the Retiree
Health Benefit Program

F8 Discussion Update on the University’s Seismic Program

F9 Discussion Update on the University’s 2017-18 Budget

F10 Discussion Northern Regional Library Facility Phase 4 Expansion

Committee membership: Regents Blum, Lemus, Makarechian (Chair), Sherman (Vice
Chair), Varner, and Zettel; Ex officio members Brown, Kieffer,
Napolitano, and Rendon; Advisory member White; Chancellors
Blumenthal, Gillman, Hawgood, and Khosla, and Interim
Chancellor Hexter