Thursday, January 12, 2017

$500 million- while outsourcing, offshoring? And tuition hikes?


And, the privatized boosting for disparate treatment at one UC campus spin

"UCSF’s decision to exploit the H1-B visa loophole has received a great deal of criticism from state legislators and congressmen, but UC President Janet Napolitano has remained complacent about the matter. Yet, it was only 2014 when Napolitano remained firm in increasing employee minimum wages to $15 per hour, despite the costs. Now, the move to fire IT workers because it costs too much to pay them is not only terribly ironic, but also proves the UC is terribly flimsy when it comes to committing to its values.
This underhanded move demonstrates a frightening hypocrisy in the UC’s actions that is not limited to its treatment of IT workers. Over the past week, Teamsters 2010, the union for skilled workers, has protested stalled contract negotiations with the University, which it says stems from the UC’s refusal to increase their wages over the last four years.
Treating skilled workers in this manner throws dirt into the mouths of not only employees, but also state lawmakers and taxpayers, who provide funding to the university system for its educational merit and also for its role as one of California’s largest employers.
Certainly, cutting budget deficits is no laughing matter, and UCSF – and therefore the UC – are right in looking for ways to balance the books. However, backhandedly "
And, is continuing this narrative:
"Also during the conference call, UC Office of the President (UCOP) spokesperson Dianne Klein said financial aid covers more than just tuition; it covers other “educational expenses” such as housing, transportation and food. She echoed Napolitano in saying the proposed tuition hikes could “provide more resources” to low-income students.
“It may sound counterintuitive, but the lowest-income students are really going to end up better off because they will receive more financial aid,” Klein said."

THE has:
"The Great Mistake: How We Wrecked Public Universities and How We Can Fix Them, by Christopher Newfield
Sir David Bell fails to recognise the portrait of v-cs in a critique of neoliberalism in the US academy"


See Sac Bee with their op Ed.:

"Why tuition increases make sense at UC and CSU"

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