Friday, January 6, 2017

Bloat Wants Cray To Pay, UCOP thinks folks don't remember...

That seems to be the moves behind the tuition and fees increases spin

Success type fees,  UC Kashmiri type fees,- now  an OP spin of 'cray - you cause this need/problem so you pay a fee for it' fees in an environment where if they were honest about it they would have to admit that 'the cray' is spread out all over , some of this is a reminder of the IX fees that one system tried to hit students with... And the result  and continuing questions it raised.

The student newspapers noted the add-on service fees calculated into the tuition hike proposed--they know that students advocated for  support counseling because there have been so many events at UC that require some add'l services, support to talk through, work through...The tuition hike also is being tied to providing additional funds to faculty listed first in series of items the fees would go to... -articles titled
--"UC proposes first tuition increase in six years for more faculty, courses and financial aid"

Now see this new article:

UC’s tuition increase: A case of funny math


This response from some quarters:
UC tuition hikes? First justify your administrative bloat


They are referring to the state audit of UCOP that is to launch and be reported on at the end of this FY, interesting timing


And in this blog post there is this brief reference to: "One example is enterprise software that might be able to run budget analyses of individual function costs in specific departments or courses.  Over the course of the year, I heard from several people that these systems are starting to squeeze out budgets for academic computing."

Yes, we keep in mind there is the other audit of UC PATH still to come out as well this FY,..interesting that several OP and campus leaders parted/retired just prior to the audit/findings...

And as OP wants to highlight additional support services for students as rising tuition and fees justification one should also note the many many posts of : faculty -tenured and : contingent- who also need services as well...

Should this all be facilitated by ever increasing student tuition and fees?

Sac Bee has this in their new Op Ed. " UC Davis, Sacramento make a promising team" it starts off:
"University of California President Janet Napolitano would be the first to admit that Linda P.B. Katehi wasn't an ideal chancellor for UC Davis."


Golden Bears blog has further on that Bloomberg article :

Bloomberg: Cal Athletics faces largest debt among all college programs

Tough questions ahead.

Includes their view of: "Here is the most alarming part of the situation. "

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