Tuesday, January 10, 2017

For consideration?

First -see:
This post by a faculty member at UC Davis on an upcoming set of sponsored talks at UC campuses- for a long while it was the sole item at HuffPo's 'college' section

Yet they also have e.g. this other   view on it : also at HuffPo - but not included in that strange skeletal "College" section there (thought they merged it all into 'education' section and removed the 'college' section link, but there it is, maybe they plan to revive it?).

Take your pick of viewpoint, complex, or nuanced, write your own opinion etc..

In fact, now some UC Berkeley faculty have signed on to some letters expressing their position, see DailyCal.

At the same time some news outlets are  doing ongoing sometimes breaking news coverage of this news story where some of those topics raised in the posts above-- can be seen as hitting beyond theory into response to reality, headlines.

... becomes this kind of coverage of the subject matter, and this kind of talk about Berkeley

Another view...
If UC is now for the purpose of providing free forum for launching book junkets for those who are outside the immediate UC  community, US...then...

Is this about lucrative and strategic props and staging using identity politics as springboard, or?


Well, anyway check out: this upcoming book- Can Berkeley get a panel talk on it, too?

And tie it in to discuss: this research as well

 You could add in: this too

...Let's at least also make it about UK folks' ruminations research on the 'the how and why of funding for US higher education' directly, right?

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