Saturday, January 14, 2017

Genius and luck? ..More.

It's an Op Ed at Sac Bee but details , facts on UC and OP approach included in it:
"Why ‘Dreamers’ at UC should feel very lucky"


This is included among other fresh news links posted at Remaking the U.:

Press Enterprise:" Tuition increases possible for CSU students "

Also this Audio and article on a report by CSU faculty:
"CSU faculty: Underfunding the schools betrays current students"


Apparently UC Constitutional autonomy does not exclude UC on this new policy, see:

And also don't miss:

CNN previously assigned their business reporter to this subject ...

Now they are covering UC Davis  on it like this: "Students Shut Down Free Speech- UC Davis Protestors Prevent Talk..."

-They are giving it front page breaking news treatment there...

Fox  highlight a particular view on Title IX in their coverage:

And feminism comes up in the ABC local video footage:

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