Friday, January 6, 2017

Updated- Was that loose talk at UCSF ever reined in by OP? and. " How the University of California exploited a visa loophole to move tech jobs to India"

Want to add this in (as you consider the late Fri news pieces below)
You might remember (the open office space plan that a UCSF Chancellor advocated but never participated in on her quick way out the UC door over to  the Gates foundation), and you might also remember what Napolitano called the "loose talk" episode that went on for quite a while, see:

Was that loose loose talk at UCSF ever reined in by OP?

You might also recall this UCSF extensive "partnership?"

Now see some of these articles on a new FB hire for their news division and connection to the US Secretary of Education nominee:

It's more than the strange bedfellows thing- why do you FB?

Original post:
That's the headline in this LA Times column -on those UCSF moves that can expand UC wide:
Includes this:
"Let’s be clear: The outsourcing of IT jobs to India isn’t UCSF policy, but emerging UC policy. Napolitano’s staff says this is UCSF’s deal. But the HCL contract on which UCSF is operating applies system-wide, and it’s up to individual campuses and schools to opt in; UCSF simply was the first to do so. According to notes from an Aug. 5 meeting of UC’s IT Architecture Committee, chief information officers at other campuses are happy to let UCSF act as a guinea pig and will “wait for a year before jumping in with HCL” in order to gauge UCSF’s experience.
Of course, if UCSF’s initiative blows up in its face, the victims will be its patients, doctors and researchers. In running a university hospital, Laret told me, “you have to make some hard choices.” That’s indisputable, but the unanswered question is whether UCSF’s choice will cost more than it saves."
SF Chron now offers, after some stormy reports, this Sunny Op Ed:

They have another piece there, too
"Napolitano says Trump should trust intelligence experts"

"I think we should all have concerns,” she said.

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