Monday, January 9, 2017

Read It and...

That was : fast -Runs about 154 pages
On the Ed SEC nom:

Here is a direct link:.

See Buzzfeed on:

"The rule applies to 29,000 career college programs across the country; 66% are for-profits and the rest private and community colleges. But 98% of the failing programs are at for-profit colleges, and almost 25% of all four-year programs at for-profits nationwide are at risk of being shut down.
A scattering of programs at prestigious nonprofit colleges, including a drama program at Harvard, also failed."

"The firing of Sonny Dykes was not a great moment for Cal, and was made more embarrassing by officials of this great university issuing simplistic, mattress-tag statements about the deal. I challenge you to read the generic quotes of Chancellor Nicholas Dirks and athletic director Mike Williams and stay awake. Pure prattle.

•At least they didn’t mention “culture.”
Academics came up for about twenty seconds in the eighth minute of a ten minute presser:
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