Thursday, January 19, 2017

Space, that final frontier- and other forces

In California, Tensions Over Growth Divide a Campus
"Faculty and administrators at the University of California at Riverside are wrestling with how to heal a rift caused in part by fallout from an ambitious expansion plan

An Op Ed "UC needs to prioritize online education"

"In 2013 the Little Hoover Commission issued a report, “A New Plan for a New Economy: Reimagining Higher Education.” It notes that in the wake of the Great Recession in which state government spending was slashed for higher education, “California is recovering, but it must change its model for higher education if it hopes to meet the needs of a growing population and provide workers with the skills to compete in the world of the 21st century.

“The commission found that online education has enormous potential to expand the reach of public higher education, if used in a manner that benefits students. California’s colleges and universities already are using online courses, though they have yet to aggressively engage online education in ways that could help more students complete their programs on time and transfer course credits between systems.”

One of the reasons for not being more aggressive in rolling out online education is opposition by faculty, which must approve each course. “This policy, while understandable, causes substantial delay and, if continued, will ensure that California will become a follower rather than a leader in development of online higher education,” the report said.

Fortunately, the online effort is being pushed by Gov. Jerry Brown with the aid of increased funding, and gains are being made, particularly in the community college and CSU systems. The UC system, however, has lagged behind.

Only 49 online classes are now available for UC students. Just 20 classes are offered for non-UC students, 13 of which are closed to new enrollees. If you are lucky enough to

And closes with:

"Good leadership demands looking beyond the next 18 months. The future for the University of California appears likely to include empty buildings worth hundreds of millions of dollars on our University of California campuses. They can do much better."

The LAO looks at projections of student growth and opines that UC and CSU don't need additional campuses to accommodate what is coming. See:

UC Med no doubt is watching these:

Something  at Daily Cal:


The force is with woman who gets life-saving lung transplant

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