Monday, January 9, 2017

"the ambition of UC may be at odds with our goals as a community"...
"Senator Dianne Feinstein reminded President Napolitano “that UC received about $8.5 billion in federal funding in 2014-15, and said she was unhappy to hear that the funds would be used ‘to replace Californian IT workers with foreign workers or labor performed abroad.’ She added, ‘this is not the way’ to cut costs.”

President Napolitano “seems to be trying to dodge responsibility for this policy.”

But Mr. Hiltzik is clear: “The outsourcing of IT jobs to India isn’t UCSF policy, but emerging UC policy. Napolitano’s staff says this is UCSF’s deal. But the HCL contract on which UCSF is operating applies system-wide, and it’s up to individual campuses and schools to opt in; UCSF simply was the first to do so. According to notes from an Aug. 5 meeting of UC’s IT Architecture Committee, chief information officers at other campuses are happy to let UCSF act as a guinea pig and will “wait for a year before jumping in with HCL” in order to gauge UCSF’s experience.”

This is a critical point. For years, student protesters have pointed to rising tuition as a sign of the increasing unaffordability of a college education. But the issue that seems to have the most resonance is the privatization of the university and this is a key cog – outsourcing of IT staff.

This is a reminder that student protesters’ concerns were on the mark – and the UC President is the driver in this." See the article in full.
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On CCSF development in Dec there was:


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