Thursday, January 26, 2017

UPDATES: UC Berkeley dire cap projects funding situation- Dirk's should address...

What Regent M said about UC Berkeley during today's board meeting see

See at the 77:00 time for some reason Regent M's remarks about Cal capital strategies shows up at the 1:00:00 mark ( and toggling between 59:43- and the 1:00:00 mark is now more clunky )

(And, btw regent Blum also threw in his two cents that Berkeley is a very, very unhappy place right now etc in this section of the meeting as well- which is a bit different from Cal PR folks who say they do not sense any bad mood as they walk the halls etc)
Also at

Some final updates on the UC Regents board meeting topics from their final day added in below:

So take a look at that cap strategies conversation about UC Berkeley mentioned above and then read these:

And then maybe ask howthehellisthatgonnahappen?

But the problems remain:


Instead he is discussing, tweeting about   this: and sending out this

The fait accompli of this year's tuition increase was accomplished with little push back, is that in itself a sign of ...Disconnect, or...?

Regents Torlakson and Newsom both commented on that as well.
Regent Perez is new incoming chair of ACAD committee because Island and Gould will be ending their term March 1 - when Brown will have four UC regents positions available for him to fill, which should prove a helpful resource to employ if the UC regents continue to discuss him/Sacto negatively as they did at this week's meeting...

Regent Perez also discussed at length this history and subject at Cal

 during the 2:31:00 time mark and he questions why the students delegated away their advocacy to the student regents and Perez correctly mentions that the student regent role is not set up for that by UC policy... BTW UC is trying to recruit for that role again:

Regent Elliott noted that UCOP does not provide detail breakdown on resident and non resident grad student population and Elliott wanted to know why, but no answer back...

Oh yeah and don't  miss Ortiz Oakley statements about how he, as a higher education expert, -even he- is having difficulties understanding some of the rationales in play
Cost per student breakdowns and  tuition, fees etc see his comments at the 02:11:00thru to 02:20:00 time mark at video link at the top of this post, he says" I'm not sure even I understand the relationship between aid and tuition anymore and this is my business"
He then discusses how it might be even more difficult for other Californians and parents to understand ..He is saying this about UC where he earned his MBA and he is also Chancellor of the CA community college system in addition to serving as UC Regent.

Regent M 'everybody is getting to capacity'

Blum talks about 2018 CA gov race and the new admin in DC...

Regent M on 'Berkeley  as  an example needs alot of stuff but they only have nine million left'

Then comments on other UC campuses

And much more...You can find those exchanges in the video of this week's UC regents meeting.

On a separate note read this important Berkeley side story about events that occurred at UCB

Then see this one from abclocal affiliate:

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